Work from home jobs for moms that pay well

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If you are wondering about the work from home jobs for moms that pay well and how you are going to combine that with managing your home and probably your 9-5, well you have come to the right place.


I want to let you know that, it is very possible to do both. Make extra cash from your side hustle as well as be a good mom.

Before I tell you about these work from home jobs you can do to make extra money, I want to let you know that you have to put in the work. 

You have to be patient, disciplined, strategic, and consistent because the tendency of being complacent or lazy can easily set in and make you give up, especially if you are not seeing results as quickly as you anticipated.

It takes time and real effort to make extra money. Nothing is free. So ask yourself, are you ready to take this road? 

The question is how do you find these work from home jobs and why is it so important for you to have a job that you can do from home to generate some extra cash?

If you are interested in reading a short story about why I had to start a source of passive income click here, if not continue reading for the job options



1. Get Paid to test apps

make money testing apps

One of the fastest and easiest side hustle that can make you extra money online quickly is to test apps for companies. These companies want feedback on their websites. They want to know about the experience of the user on their websites. 

User testing works with top brands and companies that need the opinions of people like me and you. 

You can do this passive work no matter where in the world you live.  It is open worldwide. 

They pay their test participants through Paypal. The payments are made 7 days after completing the test. 

Payments range from $10 to $120 

You need a headset with a microphone in addition to your laptop or phone to participate in this test. 

Click here to start testing.


2. Deliver Food and Groceries

deliver food working from home


Become a foodora Rider

Foodora is an online food delivery service. It allows people to deliver food from restaurants to the doorstep of the buyer within 1 hour. 

Foodora is currently used in Sweden, Finland, and Norway.

This freelancer job is such that, you decide if you are free to make a delivery when you get an alert on your phone. It’s extremely flexible. 

Sign up here to become a rider with foodora.

You need a phone(ios or android). You should also have a bike or car or scooter as well as a working permit from your country of residence to be able to work with foodora

You must be 18 years and older to work with foodora. You can earn up to €18 per hour.

Become a shopper

Imagine being paid to shop for others. Instacart allows you to do just that. It’s so flexible that you get to decide when you want to shop.

To start working with instacart shopper you need to download click here the Instacart shopper app.

This app works such that, when you sign in, you look for orders that people have made within the set region. If you are capable of shopping and delivering to them at their doorstep, you do just that.

You can only do this job if you live in America. You also need a car and access to a smartphone. The company makes a background check of you before they accept you to work with them and this can take about 10 working days.

The earnings differ, depending on how many hours you do.


This post contains affiliate links which means I get a small commission if you purchase with my link. There is no extra cost to you.

3. Blogging

blog rom home

When I think about work from home jobs online, blogging is one good example that comes to mind.  I have read about most moms who started blogging from home as a job to help supplement their family budget in 2020 and managed to finally make it into a full-time job in 2021.

Blogging can be your part-time work-from-home job as well.  

One of the first steps you need to take when it comes to blogging is to own a domain name and have a domain host.

A domain name basically is your website’s location on the internet. This is the name your website or blog will be called.  

My domain name is that naate mom.   

The domain host is the internet service that manages your domain name and I recommend siteground domain host. Think about it as you are renting the space on the internet from the domain host. 


 Moms share experiences about blogging being time-consuming when it’s in the initial stages. I can only imagine the amount of work and dedication they put in to make this a success.

However, with persistence and dedication, and hard work, they have been able to generate six-figure incomes from blogging. This is very good news to hear. 

Some blogs teach how to start a blog and the process of maintaining a blog. 

Tried and true mom jobs teaches in detail how to start and run a blog. 

She also shares her experience of how she had a 9-5, two kids, and expecting one more when she began her blog. 

4. Online Writer

Writing online is another way to make extra money to support your family from home. It’s important to be passionate about writing as this will reflect in your final work. 

Websites like Upwork and ProBlogger and textbroker and contently and listverse and wonderlist and freelance mom and her view from home are some of the few I found that you can write for and get paid if your article gets published.

 Some of these websites indicate where they want their writer to be located, others, do not.  Some of the websites have very specific instructions on how they want the article to be written and submitted. 

Be sure to read and understand the requirements before you apply for the work. Payments are made through PayPal by most websites. The earnings differ on all sites.

5. Sell Low Content Books on Amazon

If you are looking to sell printables on Amazon KDP, check out Bookbolt.  This is a site that helps you to create low content books such as notebooks, journals, diaries, recipes books, and many more and sell on Amazon. 

The best part is that the site helps you with SEO research thus increasing the chances of your work ranking high and being found easily on Amazon. 

Bookbolt costs $9.99 for beginners and $19.99 per month.  You can start creating books to sell even with no experience because everything is inbuilt and designed to make your work easy.

6. Proofreader

A proofreader is basically an individual who reads and checks and reviews the final draft of a piece of writing for grammatical errors, mistakes with spelling, and punctuations. 

She is the last person to read and make corrections before final publication. 

This is one of the perfect work from home jobs for moms.

This is a good job for you if you are good at easily detecting mistakes in writing. 

There are lots of free courses that you can take to train yourself a little bit more before looking for proofreading gigs. 

According to the salary data of Finland, proofreaders made about $1593 -$3886 per month. If you do not have a degree in English, you do not have to worry, experience and results matter more to the clients. 

Proofreadingpal is a platform that creates career opportunities for proofreaders. They pay between $500 and $3000 per month. 

You can do this job no matter where in the world you are located.  

 Requirements are as follows: the ability to meet deadlines, experience with Microsoft word, good google search skills, and many others. 


They also present you with a text that you have to do within a time frame and submit.

 They get back to you within five to ten business working days to continue the process of hiring.

Other companies that hire proofreaders and how much they pay are listed below 

scribendi $15-$20 per hour

reedsy Reedsy takes less than 10 percent of how much you charge your client 

fiverr Fiverr takes less than 20 percent of how much you charge your client

7. Sell on Facebook MarketPlace

We live in a world now where everything is accessible with just a click. 

You can sell the items in your home which you no longer have space for, items that you have outgrown, and items you no longer use. 

These items will find a new home and be loved. You get some money in exchange for these items you sell on Facebook marketplace. 

The Facebook marketplace is available on the Facebook app on desktop, mobile, and tablets. 

It is free to use and you are responsible for pricing the items you list for sale.

My Story

I worked as a full-time registered nurse before I had my first son. During week 22 of pregnancy, I was admitted to the hospital and put on full-time bed rest because of pregnancy complications.

 I stayed in the hospital till week 30 of pregnancy. It was a very mentally draining and scary period in my life. 

 I lost the first pregnancy in week 9 and now I had this complication with the second pregnancy.

  You see, as an ex-pat in Finland, I pictured myself in this same situation in my country of Origin. 

Where would I have gotten the money to pay my hospital bills? 

Would I have been stranded in the hospital?  

Would my financial situation had been better if I had a least one of these work from home jobs? 

This led to my journey of getting an online hustle to do from home because my nursing job was just not enough to support me and my family should any unplanned event occur in our life.

Why Have An Online Side Hustle

It’s important as a mom to have an online side hustle to make extra cash. This will enable you to save money for stormy days.

 Let’s face it, most of us, after paying our bills and taking care of food and other expenses, there is very little money left to put into our savings. 

It’s even worse if you live paycheck to paycheck

It is a common practice for people to create go fund me pages when they are unable to settle bills by themselves because they were not expecting such expenses. 

When sickness or crisis comes our way, we have to share our stories in order to get financial help from others who sympathize with us. 

What if I told you, you can work from home, jobs online that can make money for you. Why not do this and save the money you make for that stormy day.

I realized the importance of making money online because my 9 to 5 was just not enough if I wanted to have a good amount of savings stashed away.

I needed to find legitimate online jobs from home that paid well and was worth my time. 

I had to make money without leaving my home so I could be with my family when I was not working as a Registered Nurse.  

How Can I Have A Good Online Side Hustle

A good online side hustle should be flexible. You as a mom should be able to pick a time in the day when you can work. 

It should not interrupt your career or time with your children and partner. 

You will find above a list of side hustles you can start today to make good money at home. 

It’s important to note that nothing good comes easy. You need to consider that since you are working a 9 to 5, you might be tired at the end of the day. 

Sincerely consider how much time and energy you are willing to invest into a side hustle. 

Select one that works for you. If you have to invest little money to start, are you also willing to take that into account?


Which of these will you be doing? Leave a comment

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  1. Interesting information you have there.
    Do you know any test paid apps and how does one know which are genuine?

    1. Thanks a lot for stopping by. ( Userfeel ) is another good website where you can become a tester. In other to know if the site is genuine, you have to do all the researching by watching, reading and listening to people,s reviews and browsing around the site. Also if the site you are visiting requests for payment before you can join in order to become a tester, it should be a red flag for you.
      If you cant do all these, I do all the research on your behalf and you can go with the suggestions I have on my website.

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