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Best Voice Over Jobs for beginners from home-work for these companies

If people compliment you a lot about your voice, you need to consider using your voice to make some money.

This gift of yours needs to be shared with the world. And while at it, make some money too.

I will share with you popular companies that provide the best voice-over jobs for beginners from home.

Have you ever wondered about who the voice from the other end of the phone belongs to when you call customer service to make an inquiry or a complaint?

Keep reading to find out.

Here is a list of some companies that provide voice-over jobs for beginners from home. 

  1. Filmless
  2. Voices.com
  3. Voice123
  4. Bunny studio

You can find the full list of the websites for jobs as well as the job requirements by clicking the green button below. 

What is a voice-over job?

I am sure you have seen the commercials on tv and radio and the internet where these commercials have human voices and yet still you do not see the actor talking. 

Well, the voices you hear are from voice actors and they might not be present during the making of the commercial. They might have recorded their voice at home and submitted it to the producers of the commercial.

Voice actors are used in many mediums, mainly in commercials,  video games, audiobooks, TV shows, and podcasts.

The best voice actors can change their voice, pitch, and speaking style to suit different customer needs.
Not all voices are recorded in professional studios.

In fact, a large number of the sound shows you listen to, are recorded in the homes of voice actors.
This is great as there is a need for voice actors who work from home. 

How much can I earn from voice-over jobs?

voice over work from home salary
Source: Payscale

Before getting started in this exciting and highly rewarding industry, you need to understand the range of voice-acting salaries that you can expect from different types of voice-over jobs.

According to Payscale,  the average voice-over job earns $29 per hour. 

Even with the above salary information, salary differs a lot when it comes to voice-over jobs. 

However, each voice-over job will belong to a different category of work with its own market layout, and industry rates that will directly determine the amount of money earned from the specific project. 

You need to be informed also that, the salary will be more if you are working for a tv commercial as compared to working on a  gig from Fiverr for example.

Working from home will not pay a lot if you work on a few gigs per day. 

Your goal with voice-over jobs from home as a beginner, should be to work and gain experience, build your portfolio and look for bigger voice-over work opportunities after a while.

This will only mean a higher income for you once you get to work with companies that pay higher rates.  

You should be open to the fact that, while some of the jobs can be done from home, you might have to be sometimes in your client’s studio for some recordings. 

Once you get to work for companies or networks  that provide higher salary options, if you’re providing voice-overs for commercials,

you can expect to earn anywhere from $100 for a local radio ad, to $10,000 for a national television advertisement.

If you provide voice-overs for cartoons and animation, industry fees typically range from $100 for a short 15-second animation to $10,000 or more for a lead role in an animated film. The Simpsons are making six figures currently.

If you are cast to play the lead role in an animated film, you can expect longer work hours and a high salary.

How do I start?

It takes time to be a successful voice actor especially if you are just starting and working from home.  First, you need to understand how to use your voice. No matter how you use your voice in everyday life, voice acting is much more than just talking.

You will have to get into the water at some point while learning to swim. It may sound obvious, but starting out as a voice actor has its own set of requirements, such as learning how to use your voice.

Just because you’ve talked your whole life doesn’t mean you should take voiceover lightly! There’s a lot to learn.

Before you decide to become a voice actor, test your vocal skills and determine if this is the right career path you want to take.

If after taking the test and you happen to still be in doubt, consider learning and mastering the use of your voice. 

If you can improve your voice acting skills, you will notice a dramatic difference in your approach to anything written.

The skills you will acquire are not only necessary for voice actors. It also helps with speaking in all aspects of your life. It could be with giving presentations at work or having captivating conversations with strangers.

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What do you need to do voice-over from home?

As a beginner working from home, before you start, you must be sure you have the right tools and programs or software and a quiet space to assist you to sound professional. 


 To capture your character’s voice you need the right type of microphone. The quality of your microphone will have a huge impact on your recording, Check out this list of the best microphones for voice-overs.

Blue Yeti

Blue Snowball

Rode broadcaster


You will need headphones to hear your voice. They are also useful when it comes to blocking out annoying noises.


Depending on the microphone you get, you may or may not need a microphone stand.

You do not want the microphone to vibrate like a loop during recording. You want to avoid poor-quality effects, you should always hold your microphone in a fixed position on the microphone stand.

Have you ever heard those annoying pops of “P” or “S” while recording something? This is because your recording does not have a pop filter.

This is a screen that transmits and records those sounds before your recording is distorted.

Buy this if your microphone does not come with it.

5.Recording software

To transmit your voice to your computer, you need to get recording software.

Below is a list of softwares you can use. 



Places to find jobs and their requirements

There are lots of platforms to find voice-over jobs. I have researched and compiled a list of the best websites to find voice-over jobs as a beginner who will be working from the comfort of your home. 

 Some sites require sign-up before you get access to a list of jobs available. 

You have to sign up before you can submit a demo for review and be eligible to accept jobs. 

People turn to Fiverr a lot for voice-over services.

You can sign up as a Fiverr seller and list your voice-over services and potentially get paid for your work.

Fiverr is open to people all over the world. While the base amount you need to list your services on Fiverr is $5, you can still list higher amounts.

Fiverr is probably one of the best ways to get started as a complete beginner.

Upwork is a freelance posting website that frequently lists voice-over jobs.

Please note that bidding for a job you find at Upwork does not guarantee acceptance.

You need to take some time to develop your portfolio on the website and update your profile to ensure that it is attractive to potential clients.

Also, beware of Upwork scams. There are fraudulent employers out there who will pretend to be hiring you.

Don´t let this discourage you from starting a voice-over job. You can protect yourself.

Most of the time, these fake employers want to conduct interviews using Skype or Google Hangouts.

Be careful who you pay online generally for a voice-over job opportunity. Most times the employer or client is supposed to pay you after you have completed a job and not vice versa. 

Filmless is hiring freelancers across the globe.  This is the direct link to voice-over jobs. The job description states that having your own studio at home is ideal, but not necessary.

When applying to work for filmless, the job advertisement states that they prefer you have more than 5 years of work experience in a specific language field.

Payment information is not listed on their site. 

Voices.com is one of the largest online communities for talent, actors, producers and storytellers.

As a member of this community, you have access to daily voiceover vacancies.

You can sign up as a guest with a guest account on Voices.com for free, but I recommend a premium account.

Having a premium account makes it easier to find jobs and also to get hired.

Voice123 is also another platform for finding jobs. This was established by a couple. Back in  2002, it was a complicated process trying to get a job as a voice-over actor.

This couple, Alexander and Tania created this website as a marketplace to help themselves as well as other voice-over actors to find potential clients and for clients to find them too.

Clients can post jobs here and decide which voice-over actor they want to work with.

Voice-over actors have to submit applications for the listed jobs.

Voice123 also has several subscription options including free options and paid options.

 Bunny studio offers lots of job opportunities for freelancers.

Voice-over jobs from home are one of the job options at Bunny studio.

You can apply and submit your project for services such as commercial voice-over, carton voice-over, gaming voice-over, podcasts, and many others.

They allow you to set your own prices for every recording, even the audition!

Update: Be aware of this site because most of the freelancers who have used this site in recent times were not satisfied with their services.

VoiceCrafters has been in existence since 2008. This is a multilingual agency! They offer voice-over jobs in over 80 languages.

To qualify as a broadcaster through this company, you must have at least five years of professional experience.

You should also have your own professional recording home studio.

You can sign up with them if you want to start to work with them.

Snap Recording

Snap Recording sometimes employs people to work from home to do voiceovers. 

When you sign up with snap recording, be prepared to do phone greetings, hold on phone messages, and voice prompts for companies such as banks, health facilities, legal cooperations, just to mention a few.

Snap Recording is open to voice-over talent from around the world. You will need to submit a demo tape for review during the application process.

Unfortunately, they did not list any payment information.

The company is the voice of talent globally and has a talent base of more than 7,500 people.

Once you register online and you are accepted, you can review published projects and submit your demo samples along with their fees.

If selected, the client contacts you directly and can start the project. There is no fee for registration or membership.

Envato Studio is one of the top-rated websites that provides a platform for voice-over work for beginners, however, it is not like other freelance marketplaces when they choose their freelancers.

It is home to one of the largest communities of creative people, including talented male and female broadcasters.

Here, you can start by making a minimum fee of $40 per project.

This is the best platform to get valid auditions. Backstage was the starting point for many big Hollywood stars such as James Earl Jones, Jane Krakowski, and many others.

And without any doubt, you can be the next big star in the voice-over industry if you channel your great talent through this platform and start your career with as little as $50 per project.

The platform now has over 5,000 active community members who are also extremely talented voice actors and who earn at least $100 an hour with voice-over jobs from home.

Therefore, it is imperative that you do your best to make your name out of them.

Also, this platform now has the best voice-over jobs for beginners. Like most voiceover marketplaces, this website has a straightforward registration process as you will need to enter your details and upload a voice sample to get started.

This amazing platform from Amazon is now a great way to get an early voice-over job from home. They pay anywhere from  $90 to $200 an hour or $150 an hour depending on your experience and if you are a union member or not.

However, ACX primarily focuses on audiobooks.

So you need enough enthusiasm in your voice to be really comfortable making these audiobooks.

This platform offers legitimate voice-over projects that pay quite well. It is truly an artist community with over 2.5 million active members who earn at least $25 per short project and $50 per hour for longer projects.

They offer a huge range of voice-over jobs and they update every month as stated on their website. 

They update about 6500 jobs monthly. 

When you sign up with them, you will receive updates about job opens that are based on your skills.

This online-based company is based in the UK.  You have to sign up with them in order to submit a demo.  Signing up with Voquent is free. 

Once you are accepted, you can set your rates. You will earn differently on each project based on the length of material, how you read a script, and what the project will be used for. 

You can work with Voquent if you have some years of experience.  They also require that you have a professional recording studio at home. 

They offer voice-over jobs for  TV and online commercials, gaming, animation, cooperate presentation, and many others. 

Freelancer is also a free site where you can sign up and get jobs as a voice-over actor.

Fees are only charged once you accept a project. The fee is charged based on the type of project.

Once you create a free account, you select the category you want to work in. If you have skills in other aspects besides voice-over actors, you can select other categories too. You see immediately the number of jobs that are available.

There is an identification verification in the signup process. 

Payment is made through Paypal.

How long does it take to become a voice-over actor?

As a beginner, you stand to greatly benefit if you get some voice-over training to revamp your audio skills.

But if you are confident in your style of voice, there are markets where vacancies are up for bidding.

However, for a lot of money, you may need some professional training which can last about 4 years in a drama school.

You can however opt for online voiceover training which only takes a month or two.

You just have to make sure that the class is taught by an experienced and reputed voice actor.


What do you require to become a voice actor?

Typically, when promoting a storytelling work, the main requirement is that you submit a demo tape.

Let’s discuss briefly what a voice-over demo reel is and I will explain how you can make one.

This is a short recording that showcases your vocal style and how you can work with versatility.

It is your audition, business card, and headshot all in one. You want it to be perfect, if not close to perfect.

On top of that, it also means that early voiceover work at home doesn’t exist without demo recordings. You need to submit your voice-over demo reel to be able to get work in this business.

A typical demo lasts between a minute and a half and is divided into 15-second voice types. The breakdown is meant to show your ability to switch between vocal styles at the right time. When you have finished your performance, companies hiring should be able to determine if you have a good voice for voice acting.

Your demo should include everything from cartoons and businessmen to robots and teachers. Your recording should be replicated in multiple audio formats so that it can be sent out if necessary.

How do you make your own voice reel?

To make your own voice-over demo reel, you have to start by planning. Decide what types of voices you want to record. 

The next stage is to research. Find people who have been in this industry for a long time and study what and how they are doing voice-overs. 

The third stage is to practice. Rehearse what your final product should sound like.

The fourth stage is to record using the right tools and software required. 

The last stage is to edit such that they flow seamlessly.

Can you do voice-over jobs from home?

Yes, you can do voice-over jobs from home. Just as I have explained in this article. It is possible. Be sure you have the right tools and software needed to work from home.

During your work hours, having a quiet space will be very helpful. Your work will be professional if there are no background noises.

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Do you need a degree to work as a voice actor?

You do not need a degree to work as a voice actor. 

If however, you studied in college theatre art or music arts, you have an advantage starting a career as a voice-over actor. 

Voice acting is a skill that can be learned and mastered.  You have to be prepared for lots of practicing. 

You also need to be deliberate about networking. You want to meet people online and in real life that will potentially elevate you in this business and whom you can learn from. 

You also want to market your services on social media, Facebook groups, TikTok and  Instagram, and the rest. 

One other thing is to work on your confidence since it will go a long way to help you in getting jobs.  Don´t hesitate to apply for a job if you want it.  Be convincing so much that, you will not get no for an answer. 

How to become a voice actor with no experience?

Most of the companies that are hiring voice actors require a minimum of 5 years of experience.  However, this should not discourage you if you are a beginner.  Everyone has to start from somewhere in life. 

You should consider advertising your services on Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer. 

Your profile on the above-mentioned platforms should be captivating.  It should stand out so your potential client notices you among the crowd. 

You want to do this because, there will be opportunities for you to work for individuals as well as companies who will not be so strict about how much experience you have as a voice-over actor. 

This is your chance to practice, gain experience, build a solid portfolio. 



A genuine way to make money online is to pursue voice-over jobs. You have to be prepared to invest in this business so you will sound and produce professional work. Investing in the basics is important as a beginner. 

If you take proper steps before you start working on recording and editing, you will produce professional and engaging voiceovers. 

Be sure you choose a company that best suits your needs since there are a lot of them online. 

The good part about this kind of job is that the various platforms clearly state their requirements needed to join. 

These sites I have recommended are popular and highly trusted. 

Now that you have knowledge on how to start dabbing from the comfort of your home, with the help of the best and most trusted websites, it is time to take action on this profession and put your voice to good use.

This is a good business to start as part-time to make extra income and who knows? It can even become your full time career!

Best of luck in finding and starting your career as a voice-over artist. 

Best voice over jobs for beginners from home

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