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How to start a successful Pinterest Manager business

Who is a Pinterest Manager?

It is essential to know what Pinterest is, to better understand who a Pinterest Manager is.

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine used for finding ideas on interests or hobbies like style, interior, recipes, travels, side income ideas, and many more.


This platform has over 450 million active users monthly.

The goal is for these ideas to spark up inspiration and also provide solutions.

Pinterest is one of the leading virtual discovery search engines today.


As a result of this, many businesses across various areas of interest make use of Pinterest as a platform for marketing and promoting their service, content, or product.

The 6 steps are as follows  

  1. Learn about Pinterest
  2. Create your Pinterest Business Page 
  3. Search for potential clients
  4. Learn More
  5. Create a brand and website
  6. Market your business.

Let’s talk briefly about the job description of a Pinterest manager and after I will explain in detail what exactly the above-mentioned step-by-step guide on how to become a Pinterest manager means. 


Be sure to read the explanations as this will provide more information and strategies you definitely don’t want to miss.

A Pinterest Manager is someone who helps businesses with the promotion of their content, products, and services through the Pinterest platform.


As a Pinterest manager, you will be creating Pinterest images also known as Pinterest pins, and posting on the platform.


A Pinterest Manager possesses exceptional administrative and organizational skills, which she uses to help online business owners.


In other words, a business manager who uses Pinterest as a platform for online business management can be called a Pinterest Manager.


In the 21st century, where businesses are no longer limited by distance, where the world is becoming a global village, and with the level of technological exposure globally,

possessing skills required for managing businesses online is something of high economic value.

Hence, you should consider building a career as a Pinterest Manager and making a substantial living from it.


A Pinterest Manager is also called a Pinterest Virtual Assistant (VA) or a Pinterest Strategist (although commonly used for higher levels of expertise).

You must note that you need to possess some level of administrative and organizational skills, as a Pinterest strategist, manager, or virtual assistant.  


Do not worry if you don’t possess any of these skills yet, It is possible to learn how to in the courses I will recommend later in this blog post. 


You must also be vast in knowledge about Pinterest and must be able to apply this theoretical knowledge in practice to promote your clients’ business or content.


Hope I have given you enough information at this point about what the job is about.


Becoming a Pinterest Manager is not a complex process, you require some level of devotion, prowess, and be ready to learn.


In the next section, I will show you a detailed guide on how you can become a Pinterest virtual assistant as I promised earlier.


Step by Step Guide to Become A Successful Pinterest Manager

With a lot of focus on the internet and technology today, it is only expedient that many will seek to build a career working from home through amazing platforms like Pinterest.

You definitely are considering this job and this is the reason you are reading this post and I will show you how to.

By following these steps, you will be a successful Pinterest Manager.

Ok, enough of the talking, let us get started.

Step 1: Learn About Pinterest

The most important thing to do is the first thing to do.

You must learn in-depth about Pinterest to understand the platform, its functions, and how to maximize it.

If you will be managing businesses on Pinterest, every client expects you to be an expert.

You should also, learn about business management, marketing, scheduling pins with tools like Tailwind, and every other thing related to Pinterest management.

There are courses on Pinterest management that can help you immensely, some of which I will be mentioning in this article.

You can also learn by spending quality time navigating through Pinterest, reading informative blog posts, and checking YouTube videos that can help you.


Freelance jobs for beginners

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Step 2: Create Your Pinterest Business Page

Once you have acquired this knowledge, you should go ahead and create your Pinterest business page.

I found a video to show you how-to, it’s quick and easy. 

This page you have created can be used to experiment or practice different techniques learned.

The end of learning is practice; you can only know how knowledgeable you are by doing what you have learned on a startup scale.

You should manage, grow and watch the growth of your page by checking the analytics.


Step 3: Search for Potential Clients

Yes girl you got this! Go client hunting.

Let people know about your service and the solution it offers to their problem;

Send emails to business owners, search for vacancies on platforms like LinkedIn, reach out to family members and friends that can become your client. 


You can also sign up on platforms like Upwork and post the services you offer. Your clients will find you when they need your services.

You need to put your business out there for potential clients to notice you.

If you will be marketing businesses on Pinterest, it is good to start by marketing yourself.

This may be the most challenging stage because of your lack of experience but stay motivated and positive.

Everyone has to start from somewhere and grow and expand their business.

Step 4: Learn More

Having your first client or set of clients may be tempting, but it should never distract you from learning.

Now that you have experience, you must learn from it.

Learn from your competitions in the business and further research on Pinterest and Pinterest management.

You want to have a strong brand, and that is determined by your level of knowledge and expertise.

Online business tactics are constantly changing; you must keep yourself updated on the new trends, tastes, and tactics so you can be at the top of your game.

Step 5: Create a Brand and Website

Some of your potential clients may want to check your website or social media platforms to be sure about your competence and genuineness.

Having a website presents you better before your clients.

Your experience and further learning must have given you enough exposure to build a brand and present yourself better.

You also define your niche at this point and structure your website accordingly.

Step 6: Market Your Business

Your first search was to find clients to practice and gain experience with.

Now that you are a Pinterest manager by knowledge and experience, you can put all your energy into marketing your brand and business.

At this point, you have established your niche, and you have past success stories people can check out.

You need to expand your client base, and you will do so by solid marketing.

So there you have it, 6 steps to follow and be successful at this job.


Let’s talk about money (we know how important that is). It’s a job and you ain’t gonna do it for free. I will discuss later in this article where to find clients so you can actually make money.

How Much Does a Pinterest Manager Earn?

There is no specific answer pertaining to Pinterest Manager Earnings as it varies with expertise and experience.

Beginners often earn less and earn better as they grow in the business.

Also, you earn as you charge clients for your service, which makes it relative.


Using a range, a Pinterest Manager earns $15 to $100 per hour (depending on the level of expertise and individual charge) with an average earning of $97,290 per year.

How Do You Get Paid as A Pinterest Manager?

As a Pinterest Manager, you get paid by your clients, who are most often business owners or bloggers who make use of Pinterest to grow their business.

Your income is entirely dependent on your billing and your level of expertise.

Once you take a contract, your client pays directly to you via your bank or platforms like PayPal, depending on the terms of your agreement.

If you are hired on a long-term basis, you can agree to get your payment monthly, but you should calculate your bill on an hourly basis.

Your earnings can be from multiple sources depending on the number of client accounts you can handle at a time.

Where to Find Pinterest Manager Jobs

There are various ways and many platforms through which you can find Pinterest Manager Jobs or clients.


Social media platforms are leading examples; use your Instagram and Facebook pages to follow business owners and send them messages marketing your service.


LinkedIn is another platform to connect to potential clients for Pinterest Manager Jobs.


You can also send emails to business owners and potential clients informing them of your skills and the solution your service offers, especially at the beginning.


Your Pinterest Manager jobs will also eventually come from referrals.

What A Pinterest Manager Does

Pinterest Manager is generally concerned with client’s Pinterest account management.

This revolves around building, growing, and maintaining a client’s Pinterest presence.

In specifics, the following are the primary duties of a Pinterest Manager.

  • Creates noticeable and attractive Pins and puts every tiny detail into consideration.

  • Pins posts at the right time and creates scheduled pins to meet up with the right pinning time even if logged out.

  • Writes pin descriptions that are favorable for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure pins appear in more searches.

  • Finds and Joins group boards for the client and Keeps up to date the rules of the board.

  • A Pinterest Manager also keeps in touch with the board owners (if need be) to increase the client’s website traffic and Pinterest Presence.

  • Checks Pinterest insight and analytics regularly to identify trends and strategies that can further help promote client’s pins and business

Why Do People Hire Pinterest Managers?

People hire Pinterest Managers for many reasons.

Business owners and bloggers are the major employers of Pinterest Managers.

Some business owners do not understand how Pinterest works, how to strategically pin, and every other technicality involved.

This often makes them consider employing a Pinterest Manager.

Also, converting pins to blog traffic is one of the needs of businesses on Pinterest; people hire Pinterest Managers to meet this need.


Engaging in Business-growing activities on Pinterest can be time-consuming. People also hire as a result of the need to focus on other things apart from Pinterest.


In this case, they mind their businesses while the Pinterest Manager handles their Pinterest account.

Courses: Why you Should take a course

Reading through the ‘step by step guide to becoming a Pinterest Manager’ in this article, you should know learning is not negotiable.

You can learn everything you need to know to be a successful Pinterest Manager by simply enrolling for courses online.

Some of these courses are free, and some will cost you a token but what you stand to gain in the long run makes every hour or dollar you spend worth it.

Here are the courses I recommend.

Free courses

Often at the startup stage, your budget and financial capacity may not favor paying for online courses.

Although most of the online courses may not cover as much as the paid courses, there are several free courses out there that will get you started effectively.

Here are two of such courses and what you stand to gain from them.

1. The Pinterest power course.

The Pinterest Power Course is only a five-day online course, but you stand to gain so much from taking these classes. Read through the list below to see what you stand to gain.

What you get from this course

  • Extensive explanation on the core Pinterest strategies for marketing

  • Exposition on creating smart Pinterest keyword document for brands

  • You will also learn how to create Pinterest boards from scratch and how to go about your board health audit.

  • A step-by-step formula to follow a regular pinning routine on Pinterest and using others’ pins to strengthen your board.

  • Insight into using Pinterest to generate traffic and sales.

2. Pinterest Marketing with Tailwind

Tailwind’s being an approved partner of Pinterest and guarantees the genuineness of every piece of information provided in this course.

The course contains series of videos where different aspects of Pinterest account management are explained. Guess what? It is 100% free!

Below are a few of the things you will gain from taking this course.

What you get from this course

  • It generally exposes you to how to getting started, growing traffic, and making money.

  • It will also enlighten you on the best pinning practices and answers some common questions on pinning.

  • You will learn to measure your Pinterest analytics, audience insights, and how to use them.

  • The course will familiarize you with best practices to get followers on Pinterest.

  • You will also get to know different ways by which you can optimize results on Pinterest.

Paid courses

Paid courses are more elaborate and do cover more grounds.

For an in-depth understanding of Pinterest and to become a successful Pinterest Manager, you should consider enrolling for paid online courses either at the start of your career or as you practice.

Here are two paid courses that will help you a great deal.

Pinterest Strategies: the popular manual pinning course

Pinteresting Strategies by Bloggings like you mean it is a paid course, but it is budget-friendly.

For just $57, you can learn so much and make a lot more money from practicing what you have learned. Below is a list of a few of the things you stand to learn by enrolling in this course.

Some of the things you get from this course

    • You will learn in-depth how to get started on Pinterest,

    • The kind of photos that perform best on Pinterest,

    • What to do if your account gets blocked,

    • If or not you should create video pins,

    • Differentiating between ‘new pin’ and ‘fresh pin’ and

    • What you can learn about your Pinterest traffic through Google Analytics.

Pinterest Strategies: the popular manual pinning course

 Become Pinterest Virtual Assistant course

This course is more expensive than the other but the more the cost, the more the content.

In the end, it’s worth the cost. Becoming Pinterest Virtual Assistant is a course put together by Kristen, and it is available for $498.

Some of the things you get from this course

  • Nine modules with more than 90 lessons and eight customized pitch templates.

  • How to build a solid Pinterest manager foundation and establish an online presence

  • Where to find potential clients and how to pass an interview and get hired as a Pinterest VA.

  • How to launch and manage the Pinterest Manager business.

  • How to maximize Pinterest by making money as a Pinterest Manager or VA

  • Tips from niche experts

  • A certificate of completion.


Tips to succeed as a Pinterest Manager

You need to be successful at this. If you have invested some money you want to benefit from the investment. I made a list of  tips you should consider following to  succeed as a Pinterest manager:

  1. Master reading insights and analytics and how to apply them.

  2. To maintain proper and regular pinning timing, use scheduling tools like Tailwind.

  3. Keep yourself up to date on Pinterest trends.

  4. Do not overcharge and do not undercharge nor work for free.

  5. Use rich keywords in creating your content and be consistent with pinning posts.

  6. Never stop learning.


Being a Pinterest Manager in the 21st century is, without any doubt, lucrative.


As a result of the technicalities involved, it is a career that requires proper understanding and continuous research.

Hence, the need for know-how.


If you follow the steps as mentioned in this article and make use of every information provided, success is inevitable as far as being a Pinterest Manager business is concerned.

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