improve your life, living without the internet

how you can save money and improve your life, living without internet at home

Can you picture yourself living without the internet at home?

When you can’t access the internet, you are forced to be more productive, take your life into your own hands and make decisions to better your life.

The best part of this is that you save money too.

I am a huge advocate for living without the internet at home for a period of time.

I believe that you and many of us become distracted and waste so much more time than what is necessary to live in today’s society.

Your life probably has been taken over by the “need” (or want) to be online all day every day, which can also lead to depression, stress, wasting money, and anxiety.

Does it seem like you’ve become so reliant on the internet that when your access is taken away from you, you’re left in a state of panic for what to do next?

But still – how do you go from being constantly connected to the world, online all day every day – to living without the internet at home?

For the first 22 years of my life, I had very little access to the internet at home. Truthfully speaking I was living without the internet at home because my parents could not afford it.

When I needed it for homework, I used public places that provided internet. I must confess that, life was much more simple back then.

These days I have unlimited access to the internet.  Intentionally turning it off for a couple of days is very refreshing.

During this time, I do lots of activities and I will share with you some of the things I do in this post.

Is it realistic to live without the Internet?

Is it realistic to live without the internet at home?

It is not entirely possible to live without the internet in your house. There are times when you or others will have limited access to the internet.

So basically it is not possible for anyone including yourself to completely disconnect from society for an extended period of time.

It can be hard for some people or even you to go without the internet.

If you have a job that requires you to use the internet for example, then you will find that you get into trouble if you do not have any internet access.

The world has become so reliant on the internet and technology that you are in a bad state when you don’t have access. However, you can live without the internet for a while.

There is so much to benefit from, mentally and physically if you live without the internet for some time.

I will discuss some activities you can engage in if you decide to live without wifi for a while later in this blog post,

but before that, let us talk about what you need to consider if you decide to completely cancel your internet connection at home.

There is no doubt that the internet is extremely important these days.

Everything is done and can be found online. It makes our lives easier.

On the other hand, the internet is a big source of distraction.

If you want the internet to serve a resourceful purpose and you still do not want it in your home, you should consider the following alternatives

Get WIFI from somewhere else – There are lots of cafes and public places where you can have access to the internet for free or for a fee. Take advantage of such places

Have a schedule-If you are to access the internet in other places excluding your home, you should consider having a set time to go to these places and use the internet.

Having a time slotted for internet use on your schedule makes everything easy.

Take advantage of downloads – You could download the documents you need to work on when you get WIFI access.

When you have no internet, this is the time for you to work with these documents or files.


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Activities when there is no internet

If you are still reading, thank you very much and here is the list of the activities I promised to share with you.

I hope you will find some interesting that you can do when you have no internet at home.

Read more books and magazines

One benefit of the absence of the internet is that you can read more books that will improve your mental health.

A lot of people I know complain that they don’t have enough time to read  when in reality, a lot of the time available to us, we tend to waste that online checking social media feeds instead of reading.

Do you find yourself falling down the social media rabbit hole? You just can’t get yourself to stop?

I find myself sometimes falling and oh boy, does it take a lot of energy and effort to climb out .

If you do not like reading and yet still want to educate your mind, you will need to be online to use this resource which I love personally.

Save more money (and save your life) from bad spending habits

When you aren’t online for a long period, you can learn how to manage your money better.

It’s good that online stores make it so much easier for you to spend your hard-earned cash.

There is however also a negative aspect of this – if you’re not careful, you can become addicted to spending and end up going into debt or worse, bankruptcy.

Learn how to save more money and spend wisely so that you can live a better life

This post contains affiliate links. I get a commission when you use my links. There is NO EXTRA COST to you. Thank you. 

Clean your space

When you do have the internet at home, it’s very easy (and tempting) to waste time on the computer instead of getting chores done – or even doing things for yourself.

One good thing about living without the internet at home is that, you are forced to do things that have been on hold for a while.

One such example is cleaning. Especially if you live alone, it is very tempting to leave all the cleaning undone.

You will be surprised at how productive you will be just by cleaning your space.

Remember that a cluttered space is a representation of a cluttered mind.

Work on a project such as Gardening

In trying to find ways of saving money and improving your life, why not start with gardening?

You know you have been looking online in the past about some plants you want to grow.

Now is the time to work on this project since you have the time and you living without the internet at home for a period of time.

The internet, although a good resource is not available to distract you.

Ask a friend or a neighbor who is knowledgeable about plants for advice.

Or better still, get a book that teaches you how to garden.

It’s important to keep in mind that some plants need more care than others . Flowers require more attention than vegetables and broccoli .

So make sure you know which plants are easier for you before planting them.

Besides saving money on groceries and eating healthier, one of the benefits of gardening is that when you’re outside, it’s great for your mental health!

Learn to play an instrument

Playing an instrument is a great way to pass time.

It’s a great skill to have when you want to relax or if you want to release stress.

To help with this, there are many resources you can find offline for free and online for a fee that can help you learn.

Visit your local library for example and borrow books that teach how to play an instrument.

You can while away time at home when you have no internet by learning to play an instrument.

Remember to practice because the more you play an instrument, the easier it will be for you.


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Go out in the sun

Sounds strange but when you aren’t on the computer or tv, get outside and take a walk, have some fresh air! This will help you have a better outlook on your life.

You will be happy to know that being outside is very good for you, and it’s something you don’t do enough of.

The sun is the “giver of life” so when you are out in the sun, your skin absorbs vitamin D which helps you stay healthy, and it helps fight depression.

It is also good for your mental health to spend time outside.

It’s not only about having fun in the sun, but when you’re out in nature, you are less likely to get depressed because of your built-in mechanisms that use sunlight for navigation and safety purposes.

When you’re outside, you are more likely to feel happy and content (even if it’s for a short period).

It’s good for you physically, mentally, and emotionally to get outside.

Learn how to Cook

Cooking is something that everyone should know how to do.

There are so many benefits to cooking your own food:

* saves a lot of money and you don’t have to eat take out food or fast food

* makes you more independent – if your parents or spouse are going on vacation, you can manage okay without them

* Helps with weight management – a lot of people nowadays are overweight because they eat too much processed food and fat.

If you’re not one for cooking, you will learn to appreciate the benefits of cooking more when you lack internet.

You can cook simple meals that are very good for your health and taste better than take-out or packaged food.

Plus, if you’re cleaning up while you’re at it, there’s no telling how much time and money you’ll save yourself!

Get out of the house and talk with people more

There is no doubt that people talk to each other less these days.

Everyone has their faces buried on their phones or sitting on the couch watching TV.

This doesn’t mean you have to quit your job if your job is centered around working online.

But maybe spend less time on the computer after work and more time outside going for walks with a friend or talking with family.

Since you have intentionally decided to live without the internet for a period of time by turning it off after work, you can plan picnic outings with your friends ahead of time.

You get good company and you do not have to spend a lot of money on the snacks you both bring to share.

Create a routine for yourself

If you have no internet at home, one good way to manage your time is to create a routine.

This will help you stay on track and give you something productive to do.

Each day, plan out what time you are going to do things like exercise or read a new book and stick with it.

This will help you feel at peace because when everything in your life is well organized, you will know what to do and when to do it and the feeling is so rewarding.

living without internet

Engage in a relaxing activity

Engage in a relaxing activity that won’t get you on the internet such as yoga or meditation or painting in your free time.

This will make you more relaxed and help you get a better appreciation for yourself.

It is also good to help you destress which helps you be happier, more productive, and healthy overall.


When you are in good shape, your mood is usually positive and this helps you improve your self-esteem.

What better way to use your precious time because you are living without the internet at home.

Exercising is a great way to relieve stress. It’s also good for you physically as well as mentally.

Volunteer at an animal shelter or with the elderly

Not only will this make you feel better but also will help you feel more in tune with the world around you.

When you are engaged in an activity that is focused on helping others, you will feel more selfless and have a better outlook on life.

Detox your mind

When you live without the internet, it’s important to detox your mind.

This can be done through activities such as meditation or yoga.

When you are on the internet all of the time, if often, it becomes difficult to navigate your thoughts without being interrupted by “Internet alerts” or notifications from social media sites.

Meditation and Yoga allow you to relax and go into a trance-like state in order to clear out your mind of distractions.

Entering into a trance-like state deactivates your sympathetic nervous system and allows stress to flow out of your body while promoting relaxation.

This will enhance overall happiness, relieve anxiety, depression, and help you get better sleep at night.

If you overuse the internet, this is how it affects the functioning of your brain.

Sleep early and wake up early

Sleep is medicine for your body. It’s so important and yet still underrated by some of us.

Going to bed early is something you should do often. Without the internet at home, this is very possible.

Most times, you might find yourself not sleeping early because of the numerous social media feeds you have to catch up with.

Sleeping early and waking wake early leaves you feeling refreshed. You become more productive in the day.

You can make more informed decisions and you make and keep better relations.

Learn a new skill

It could be painting, learning a new craft such as pottery, learning to crochet. The list is endless.

Check out Annie´s crochet club if you want to start to learn to crochet.

Did you know that these relaxing activities can be sold to make you some money? It’s a win-win for you and the buyer.


Is Journaling something you have been interested in but for some reason, you never get the time to indulge in?

Well, this is the time to take up this hobby. The pen is mightier than a sword.

Think about all the things you will discover about yourself once you start journaling.

Watch movies you downloaded

This is the time to watch a movie you downloaded earlier.

You can enjoy your movie without having to constantly hear beeping notifications every second.

While at this you could crochet if you are into that, or better still do an activity that does not require too much concentration

Adult coloring

The final activity suggestion I have for you when you are living without the internet at home is coloring.

 I am obsessed with adult coloring books. Whoever came up with that, needs multiple awards.

It’s one activity that is so relaxing. You can wonder away with your imagination while coloring or just enjoy the process.

Benefits of living without internet at home

1.You are more present
2. You get a lot done
3. You can focus on your wellbeing
4.You save money

Did you know that,
A survey conducted by statistica, revealed that, 46% of people spend 5-6 hours per day on their smart phone

People spend on average 145 minutes on social media per day

According to Forbes Americans spent an average of 1300 hours on social media last year


If you’re like many people, the internet is essential to your daily life. It’s how you get your news and stay in touch with friends and family on a regular basis.

But what if it were taken away? What would happen to you then?

The internet is a sword that is double-edged. It has numerous pros and cons.

On one hand, it offers you an endless amount of information and entertainment to enjoy for free at any time of day or night.

The flip side is that you can also get sucked into hours upon hours of scrolling through social media sites.

Constantly checking email over and over again when there are no new messages, or surfing around aimlessly looking for something interesting to do without realizing how much time has passed by.

If you’re struggling with feeling like your life isn’t as full as it should be because you’ve been too busy on the internet lately, take this opportunity to detox your mind from all those distractions!

What better way than not having access? Detoxing our minds will allow you more mental space to be creative and make you happier, more positive.

When you are happy with your live you can focus on the things in life that matter most such as spending time with friends and family or engaging in a hobby you enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and best of luck to you.

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