9 tips on how to save money from salary every month

Would you like to know how to save money from your salary every month.

This is one subject I only became aware of in my adult life and I will share with you the best and simple ways to do just that.

You see,

I grew up in a family where we saved money daily and gave it when the month ended as tithe to the church. We never really spoke about the importance of saving money.

As an adult I have come to learn the importance of saving money from my salary every month. I have lots of why´s for saving money from my salary monthly.

Everything becomes easy for you to save money if you have a good why for doing it.

How much should you really save from your monthly income (That is a question you are the only one who will have a good answer to) and how will you be able to save this money?.

Our monthly incomes differ and you are the only one who can decide how much you want to save. You have to be fair to yourself.

Saving money from your take-home pay should not put you in a situation where you will be financially sad because you cant afford the necessities of life

I will guide you on some actions you can take in order to save money from your wages, because no matter how much funds you bring home after tax at the end of the month, it is possible to save.

Save money from your salary with these easy tips

1.Have a why for saving money from your salary

why you should save money

Its very import to have a clear laid down plan. Do you want to be economical every month or just for one month?

How much roughly do you want to put aside? Do you have a reason for putting that money aside?

What are your personal goals ? Some people save money for purposes such as early retirement,

building generational wealth,

emergency funds.

For travel. These are just a few examples.

When your why is clear and these questions are answered, you are able to put the money away without it feeling like a chore which is boring and difficult to do.

save, piggy bank, money

2.How to store the money you are saving from your salary

In order for saving money to be effective, you need to take the money you will be saving and keep it in some place where accessibility will be a little difficult.

The money you are saving should be kept separate from the money you are using for your needs and other expenses.

Putting the physical cash in a piggy bank that requires a lot of effort to open is one way to save the money

You could also have a money savings jar, where you take physical cash and put into the jar. Have a log book for this jar so that you can record how much money is going into the jar anytime you add

You can also have a savings account which has no debit card and transfer money from your main bank account into this savings account.

You can also ask your bank about saving investment opportunities that have low risks,( you do not want to loose your money).

Use the money you are saving for this investment that way the money is not just sitting idle in your account and that also decreases your chances of accessing that money.

Here are other ways you can store your money

3.Budget using the 50%, 30% 20 %saving rule.

budget to save money from salary

This budgeting rule works such that you put 50% of your after tax money into catering for your needs, 30 % for your wants and 20 % for savings or financial goals.

This method of distributing your earnings helps a lot especially if you are not a pro at budgeting or you do not have the patience to calculate or follow strictly everywhere you spend your money.

I think its a very good and straight forward approach to save money. If however you are capable of cutting down cost on your needs and wants so you can increase the percentage that goes into savings or your personal financial goals, go ahead and do that.

There is always something that you can cut back on, which would help increase the amount of money you save.

This rule might work for some people and might not work for others. The main goal of this rule is that, you use a large percentage of your income for the most important needs in your life, and then, the percentage you have left, you share it between your wants and savings.

Having a monthly budget planner is also another way to help you save money.

Do not worry however if this saving rule cannot work for you.( I got you my lady) This article has lots of other examples of ways you can save from your salary.

4.Consider your everyday important expenses and how that affects your savings

cash envelope

Another best way to save funds from your salary is to think about your everyday expenses that you cannot do without. What exactly are these things and is it possible to opt for the same things or services at a more cheaper rate?

Use a digital expense tracker or a print budget planner to keep you in check.

When it comes to your electric and utility bill, is there a cheaper alternative to the one you are currently signed up with? Is the cheaper option´s standard of service as good as what you are using now and will you consider switching.

Switching service providers will go a long way to help you save money.

Most phone companies accept offers made by their long term customers for reduction prices. Call up your phone service provider and haggle with them to see if they will accept your offer. That is some extra money you will add to your savings if you get a reduction in price.


house location to save money from salary

This is a very important expense that most of us have. There are a few things we can do to save money when it comes to this.

Choose which part of town you live in, usually renting or buying a house in the outskirts of town is inexpensive as compared to living in the middle of town.

I lived in the country side for 5 years and this helped my family a lot in saving money for other projects. We saved over €10,000 in 2 years just by implementing this.

If you happen to be living in a house where there are extra rooms, you could think about renting them out. You can sign up and become an AIRBNB host or sign up with bookings.com

Get a smaller and less expensive house and be mindful of the things you choose to furnish and decorate your house with.

. Get an apartment mate if you are comfortable living with someone else other than your partner.

. Keep your landscape plan as simple as possible. This helps because you don´t have to keep buying things to maintain it.

.Cut down on house insurance, talk to an insurance agent to see if there is a possibility to reduce this .

This post contains affiliate links, I get a commission when you use my links with NO EXTRA COST to you. Thank you.


transportation type helps save money from salary

This is another important expense that needs to be addressed. Is it better to own a car

(used or new) or is using public transport a better option?

You have to figure out the costs of using either and make a conclusion. Choose the less expensive option.

When you own a car, the expenses that come with it include, car insurance, road insurance, buying fuel, car repairs planned for and unplanned, car loan payment just to mention a few.

Are these expenses eating into a large portion of your salary? Will you save more if you used public transportation?

Will the expenses be less if you buy a used car?

Consider using other means of transportation, if it is convenient for you.

I used a bicycle for 5 years while I lived in the country side because my work place was close to home and also because I wanted to work on my savings. This was the best decision I ever made.

We had a one car household and my partner drove that because his work place was a bit far from home.

This was a used car in good condition we bought and paid for in full. We did not have to deal with monthly car loan payments.

Also using a bicycle as my means of transportation helped me save a lot of money from my salary. I did not have to deal with all the costs that came with owning a car.



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4c.plan what you are eating

plan your meals so you can save money

We all need food, we cannot do without it. However food should not be so expensive. You are capable of spending less on food if you plan what to eat, how to eat and when to eat.

Shopping in the sales section of grocery shops is a great way to save money from your salary monthly. Usually these foods expiration dates are close but the truth of the matter is that, you can actually freeze them and they will last longer and they can be consumed.

.Buy your food from big grocery shops , their prices are usually cheaper than the small grocery stores.

.Plan your meals around food produce that are in season.

.Buy generic store produce.

.Use coupons to shop.

Shop with a grocery list.

.A meal planner is a good guide to use as this keeps you in check of what you are eating and prevents random impulse buying.

Implementing these strategies into my household helped us save over €10,000 in a space of 2 years.

5.What things can you do without to help you save money from your salary

beginning, binding, blank

The wants in your life might be the main reason why saving money from your salary is not a habit.

We can make saving money from our salary a habit

I know it is very tempting and also satisfying to get that new outfit thats in fashion now, to get that new iphone that was just released or to get that designer bag that every other woman is using.

You are reading this post because you want to save funds so I am here to tell you the hard truth, MY LADY you don´t need some things in your life if you are serious about saving money from your salary.

5a.cheap entertainment

cheap entertainment can help you save money

One of the ways you can save your earnings when it comes to entertainment is to have no tv cable connection. The truth of the matter is that, there are so many networks and shows that you might not be able to watch half the time.

Why do you have to pay for something that you can not use to your satisfaction.

The better option is to look for an offer that gives a limited amount of networks and costs less.

Paid subscriptions is also one aspect you need to consider . Do you really need all the seven or ten entertainment subscriptions you have?  Reduce the amount of subscription’s you have.

A cheaper option will be to use YouTube as there are lots of free(of course you are paying for internet connection ) shows and entertaining programs on this platform.

Check out your local library to see if they are renting out movies, if they are, it is usually for free. I get movies from my local library.

you can save money by using free public pools

Visiting and using a public swimming pool is another form of cheap entertainment.

Most communities have swimming pools for residents to use.

Take advantage of this. Send time teaching your kids to swim in the public pools instead of paying someone to teach them. Spend time with your family swimming.

I have been to the movies in my adult life only once and it was ok. If you really want to save, you can do just fine without paying to go to the movies. This is extra money that you would have other wise given to someone else. Save that money by not going to the movies.

You would have to avoid musical concerts, there are lots of free music platforms you can listen to music on, there is Spotify, YouTube music and many more.

Cooking classes is not a must. If you really want to learn to cook check out tutorial videos on YouTube. You will save your money by not participating in paid for cooking classes.

When it comes to date nights, instead of paying to do some activities with your partner. Why not have a date night that does not involve money. You could have a picnic in the park, star gaze at night, have a game night, have a movie night or attend a free local art show.

You will have to stop eating out. If you cannot, then this is what you can do.

Most restaurants sell food at cheaper prices when they are about to close and they still have some food left that they might otherwise throw away because they cant serve that the next day.

Go to restaurants a few minutes before they close and ask if you can buy those food servings. You will be paying less than the original price.

There are also apps that alert potential buyers just before the restaurant closes concerning reduced food prices. If you live in Finland , Sweden, Germany, Poland, resq club  is one good app you can use.

On their website they also ask users or visitors to recommend cities that they should work in next. 

Take advantage of this and ask them to come to your city.

This is one of my favorite ways to get restaurant food without paying the full price.


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fashion can help you send money

Clothing is one thing that keeps evolving. The fashion trends keeps changing all the time. You should have your own sense of style if you want to be fashionable and not waste your money on clothes

Shop from second hand shops or thrift shops or charity shops. You will find good pieces that are in good condition. Its one place I absolutely love to shop from. The prices are reasonably cheap.

Don´t forget to wash the clothes properly before using them.

Hand me downs are also a good way to get clothes . I have a 2 year old and a 10 month old and 70% of their clothes are hand me downs from their cousins or my friends children who no longer needed them.

Shop sales

Buying new clothes at reduced prices is another way you can save money from your salary. Be sure to look for good deals and take advantage of them. Visit the sales section of clothing shops first when you go shoping. You might find good pieces there.

5c.DIY( Do it yourself)


If you want to be frugal , you should DIY some things you use around your home.

Surface cleaners, restoring an old piece of furniture, Fragrances for your house, home décor are a few of the examples of things you can DIY.

YouTube has lots of great tutorial videos you can follow to do your DIY´S.

6.Do a savings challenge to help you save money from your salary

savings challenge

Another great way to save funds from your salary is to participate in saving challenges.

Its fun and you look forward to accomplishing something after a period of time.

It actually makes you more accountable . Getting the printable and ticking off the check box when you put the money away is great .

7.follow the 30 day rule

30 day rule

This basically means that, when you have to buy something, you wait for 30 days and after that 30 days if you still think and feel you need to make that purchase you go ahead and make the purchase.

This is very helpful in saving funds from your salary as sometimes , you might not really need to make the purchase.

Thinking about it for 30 days gives you the space to reconsider if its important to buy.

8.use physical cash (cash envelope system)

cash envelope

The Cash envelope system is also a good method to use to save money from your salary.

It works such that, you take out physical cash and assign them into different envelopes for different expenses eg. Food , rent , emergency funds, savings etc.

You need to be disciplined and use only the money assigned for the different purposes the right way.

By doing this you are certain that you will be saving money from your salary.

This is because you have assigned the money for different purposes and you are being disciplined to use only the assigned money for the assigned purpose.

9.look for ways to bring in more money

make more money,

If upon trying all the above listed strategies and you still cannot save at all or you cannot save enough from your salary, then its time to look into other ways to bring in more money, that way your salary increases and you can save some money from it.

Using coupons when you shop online is one way to save money, Honey is a browser extension that automatically finds coupons, promo codes and deals for you when you install the extension on your computer.

It is very easy to install and you can get coupons to shop from big online sites like amazon, Etsy , Ebay, Spotify, Apple, Walmart, Target, Shein, Aliexpress, Costco, WordPress and over 30,000 stores.

Another way you can make extra money so you can save money from your salary is to get a side hustle. It can be an online side hustle or a side hustle that you physically meet your customers and exchange your services for money.



It is very possible to save money from your monthly salary by following the above listed tips. No matter how much money you make monthly you can save money and achieve that goal you have .

These strategies work if you are disciplined enough to follow through. I have applied most of these strategies in my life and I have saved money and built a house of my own with my partner.


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I wish you the best of luck on your saving journey. Believe in yourself because you can do it. The fact that you are researching, shows how determined you are.

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