make your money grow

How to make your money work for you. Effective strategies to follow.

When it comes to money, we all want it to work in our favor because it’s a powerful and good resource.

It makes life very comfortable and easy. This article will provide 15 tips on how to make your money work for you.

We all want more money.

You definitely want more money too, but how much is really enough, and how much work and time are you willing to put into achieving what you consider enough money?

Let me address shortly what this phrase “make your money work for you” means before we dive into the steps you can take to make this possible.


Making your money work for you means that, you take full control of your money and make it work towards achieving financial freedom for you.

You won’t always be exchanging your time for money which is the traditional way of making money as we all know.

Instead, you will focus on investing and managing your money wisely and also making a product or service once and selling it multiple times to generate income.

Think about your current job situation, if you had to work 3 times what you are doing currently, will that be enough to give you the financial freedom you desire?

I am sure you have asked yourself why some people are rich and why others are not.

It is the same 24 hours we all have at our disposal in a day.

So how come some people make more money than others?

The answer is simple.

People who make more money make smart and intentional money decisions and also manage their money well. That is it. People let their monies work for them.

How do they do this?

Continue reading this article and I will show you how.

1.Pay yourself first

The first action to take when you receive your salary is to pay yourself first.

This is one hard lesson I had to learn in the past because it did not make sense to me.


Isn’t t all the money mine to spend anyway? I worked for it after all. Imagine working 50 hours per week for a whole month.

I get paid at the end of the month and then someone advises me to pay myself first.

It does make sense to me now after I implemented it in my life, and I hope you can understand the importance of paying yourself first.

The reason why you have to pay yourself first is that you intentionally decide to use your money for different purposes and not just one main purpose of paying for your everyday survival expenses.


After paying yourself, you can now use the money to work for you. This money can be used for other business prospects to double or triple it. Basically what I mean is that you will be increasing the value of the money.

I will discuss in detail how to do this in points 5, 8,10,11 12, and 14.


If you really want to ensure paying yourself every month happens, and also that you put money aside for investments, you will help yourself a great deal by automating the payments.


The money you intend to save after paying yourself should go straight into your savings account or another account separate from your regular spending account every month.

2.Pay off debt

At some point in our lives, some of us might have debts.

It might be a school loan debt, housing debt, or even a car debt.

I have had and maybe you have also had or have at the moment debt.

You should have a written down plan of how you want to pay off the debt in the shortest possible time.

Why is this important? You might ask? The longer you take to pay off the debt the more interest grows on it.

There is nothing wrong with interests building upon money but in this case, it does not favor you.

So since you do not want to give your money out to someone for free (which is what I see unnecessary interest as) why not draw out a plan on how you will be paying off the debt and when you will finish paying it.

Remember that, you want to use your hard-earned money to help you make more money by working for you and not distributing it for free to others.

Check out this inspiring story of how a finance coach and mom, Tolu Frimpong paid off her debt in 2 years.

You can also check out her e-book which provides more details about the 10 steps to follow to pay off debt


One point to always remember is that you are the boss of your money so you have to control it. Your money should never control you.

How do you control your money? You can do this by having a budget. You have to create a plan that clearly states where and how you spend your money. The goal is to spend less than you make.

When you make a budget be disciplined and stick to it. You also have to be realistic when making the budget.

Be sure to put down the exact money that goes into your fixed expenses such as your rent or mortgage, childcare expenses, insurances for home, life, car as well as debt payments.

Include also your expenses that vary month to month such as food, fuel, entertainment, electricity, etc. Be sure to keep track of where your money is being spent.

You could use a budget planner to keep you organized. If you prefer a paper version, well go ahead and use it.

You can download this free 15-page budget planner below.

There are also free apps available that help you budget.


4.Talk to someone who is financially successful

If they have been able to do it, they can guide you too.

Most of the time such people are willing to advise and mentor you. Why figure it out yourself and make mistakes and waste time, when someone can guide you?

The role you have to play is simple, go in with a positive attitude and be ready to learn and implement.

These are a couple of ways you can find such people.

1. Someone you know

2. Find them online

someone you know

You probably know someone who is financially successful.

Do a little Brainstorming and make a list of people who you think are successful financially and then cast your net.


It could be your boss from work. The lady you see every Sunday at church or even the woman who drives the Lamborghini and buys from your shop every other day.


Reach out to them, it might be intimidating but because you are determined to make your money work for you, you will do away with the intimidation and contact this named person and tell them you admire their financial success.

Offer to buy tea or lunch and inform them that, you want to ask for advice from them.

On the day of the meeting, go prepared.

Talk about how you are planning to achieve financial freedom and ask for their input

Talk about how you intend to achieve your goals both short term and long term

What steps you should take to achieve this

Investment opportunities

You know yourself better, so think about what subjects you want to discuss and ask for their advice and guidance.

Find them online

In this modern digitized world, finding such people is very easy.

It could be as simple as going on google and typing the key phrase financial mentor or financial Coach or financial advisor.


Each person does a different job. A financial coach will help you with where to invest your money.

A financial advisor will help you with how to manage your money and a financial mentor will help you with both.


I recommend a financial mentor because they usually have a good financial history.

Their services might be free or you will have to pay a fee for their advice and guidance.

Be sure you do your research well about the person you will be getting advice from.

You do not want to be paying money to an individual who will not help you accomplish your goal of gaining financial freedom,


There is also the option of buying books or courses or participating in workshops or seminars that these financial experts are offering.

Be sure you have an idea of what you want to accomplish.

Their expertise will make your process of accomplishment more effective.

5.Consider passive income

Your goal with passive income should be to use your time to solve a problem or provide a service.

You can teach others how this can be done through a video you make or written test (a course you make or blog post ) or through a podcast.

Once you have documented it, upload it onto the internet for free or at a price.

You generate income as people consume the content you have made.

Put this information online and now you can make money while you sleep.

If you are serious about starting an online business that is profitable,  I recommend getting James Francis´s course.

In this course he teaches how to establish your presence online and actually make money from your online business. 

The good part of this is that, the course is  reasonably priced.  You do not have to break an arm and leg to purchase this course. 


Start a YouTube channel

Before you start a YouTube channel be sure to do some research about the niches that are actually profitable.

Starting a youtube channel is free. You need to create an account in order for you to upload your videos.

You might probably know about youtube but let me talk a little bit about it if you do not know.

Youtube is a platform where people upload their own videos for others to watch and share and leave comments.

These people who upload their videos monetize the videos with adverts in order to make money.

In order for you to be approved for monetization, you need to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours within the last 12 months.

Be sure to comply with the rules, policies, and guidelines of youtube, and lastly have an AdSense account.

You want to be successful at this because it can be time-consuming making and editing videos.

I recommend you use tools such as tube buddy and morning fame to help you with keyword research and optimizing your videos. There are free as well as the paid versions of both.

Buying a tool to assist in this new venture is worth it. This is because the amount of money you stand to gain will be 10x or even greater than the investment you made by purchasing these tools.

You should be ready to put in the amount of work you have to so you actually get the results.

Start a blog

If making videos is not your thing then you can try blogging.

This is not a traditional blogging style where you talk about your life. People these days do not really care to read about what is happening in other people,s lives.

Let me tell you what this blogging style is about.

Basically, you will be providing answers to solve people’s problems.

You will have to choose a niche. Choosing a niche means that, you will select a specific subject area you want to provide answers for.

An example is providing answers for mothers when it comes to kids and parenting.

Another example is providing answers for moms when it comes to homeschooling.

The third idea is how to crochet. There are lots of niches you can choose from.

You might be wondering, how do I find these questions people are looking for?

Well, it’s simple, You will have to find other bloggers who are talking about the same subject in your niche, then find out what topics are bringing them good page views and basically write about those same topics. Remember that it is illegal to copy their blog posts. Do not copy their work.

You will write a very detailed SEO-optimized and informative blog post that is better than what your competitor has written.

To get started with blogging you will need to get a domain name, you can buy this from Namecheap and hosting from Siteground.

You will also want to get some courses to guide you on this new journey.

There are lots of information online about how to do this kind of blogging.

Miles Beckler on youtube has free information on all things you need to know about blogging.

How exactly will you be making money from your blog? You will make money through advertisements on your blog, affiliate marketing, selling your own products, and sponsorships.

Make and sell low content books

Bookbolt is a platform that helps you make low-content books such as notebooks, diaries, journals, coloring books and upload them onto Amazon KPD. This software is very good and easy to use.

It also helps with keyword research.


Get BOOKBOLT today and get 20% off entire order 

Use Coupon Code NAATEMOM on checkout to get 20% off entire order.

Available worldwide

Sell online

There are lots of platforms you can use to sell online. Some of these platforms only charge you after you have sold a product.

I will talk about Etsy.

You can sell digital printable products which you have made yourself.

I love this idea because you do not have to deal with shipping and thinking about where to store your products. You can use canvas to make this product once and sell it several times.

You might want to check out the blog post I made about what you need to know before you start to sell on Etsy

Other examples of passive income ideas include

Become an affiliate for Amazon

Sell an ebook online

create a course for Udemy

Sell feet pix online

Create a course and sell on skills share

6.Pay off your monthly credit card bill in full.

You need to pay your monthly credit card balance in full if you want your money to work for you.

You do not want to carry a month’s balance into the next month.

The reason why this is important is that, if you pay in full, you will not be paying interest on the subsequent bills you receive because you have no balance.


All that interest you would have been paying if you don’t pay your balance in full could be money that you could have used for a more worthy purpose.

It’s good to use credit but be sure to use it wisely.

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7.Choose a bank that best suits you

Before you start banking with a bank, be sure to do your research.

It’s important that you compare various banks and the fees they charge for the services they provide.

Do not hesitate to ask questions directly from the bank by calling on the phone if you can’t find enough information on their web pages.


You want to be able to compare and chose the bank that best suits you when it comes to what you can afford and how much money you are willing to pay for a service.

Only a hand full of banks offer free services and there is always a criterion for an individual to benefit.

8.Open a retirement fund account

This account should be one that you opened yourself and not one that your employer is providing.

Think about all the money you can save for when you retire.

If you live in the USA, you must have heard of the Roth IRA. If you have not, well here is some good information for you.  A Roth IRA is a retirement account that is not company-sponsored

A 401(k) is however company-sponsored.

Having a Roth IRA is beneficial if you are self-employed or if your company does not cover your retirement fund.

If you have a 401(k), that is perfect. You can save some more with the Roth IRA. This only means more money for you when you retire.

The advantage of the Roth IRA is that, when you retire, you won’t have to pay taxes on the money.

That is quite a catch.

If you are not sure of what options you have in your country of residence, call your bank and find out what options they have available.


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9.Make use of employee benefits, student benefits for discounts on products and services.

Be proactive when it comes to this.

Be sure you know of the benefits you can get from your workplace or from your school or any organization you belong to.

You should claim these benefits. Some benefits your employer might provide include retirement benefits, health benefits, and disability benefits.

Employers give employees these kinds and many more benefits because they want to build trust and also want you to realize that, they respect your needs.

So take advantage of them. Even if they are as small as discounts you get from some services like a gym membership, make use of them.

Don’t forget that common saying that little drops of water make a mighty ocean.

By saving a dime here and there, you will be compounding your money.

10.Invest in or start a business

There are lots of businesses you can invest in today.

There are so many sectors to invest in. Consider investing in Finland.

The reason why you should is that according to the Global Innovation Index 2019, Finland is number one when it comes to Business Environment in the world.

Also, Finland is the happiest country in the world and Finland has been voted 4 times in a row for this position according to the world happiness report 2021.

Finland is also the Most Stable Country in the World – 14th year in a row
according to Fund for Peace, Fragile States Index 2019

Check out Business Finland

for several business opportunities to invest in.

You can also request a consultation to better understand where you will be investing and what benefits are in it for you.

You could also start your own business. Check out this inspiring story of how a couple started a business when they got the idea.

You might also want to check out why Finland is one of the best places to start a business according to this article on Forbes.


These are a few of the good low risk business ideas I recommend starting. You could start with a drop shipping business if you do not want to handle the physical products yourself.

Start a print on demand businesses

digital products or courses

create an online clothing store

Start affiliate marketing



Another way to make money work for you is to open a savings account that pays you interest.

Making interest in the money you save is very beneficial to you. Some banks in some countries offer this service.

Be proactive about it and ask your bank if they provide this service.

An example of such a service is provided by Sofi Account. It is not a bank but they offer this service and there are based in the USA.

You can also save with investment companies such as Lahitapiola if you reside in Finland.

You can always call for a better explanation of the service and if that will suit your current financial situation or if you need to opt for another service.

12.INVEST IN BONDS or stocks.

According to Investopedia, a bond is a bond is a fixed income instrument that represents a loan made by an investor to a borrower (typically corporate or governmental).


According to nerdwallet: A stock is a type of investment that represents an ownership share in a company. Investors buy stocks that they think will go up in value over time.

It is a much better option to invest in Bonds and I say this because with bonds you can expect a lower return on your investments whereas with stocks the returns can be unpredictable.


Before you start anything and put your money anywhere I strongly advise you to speak to an expert in this field,

This is one platform I found that offers this service.

If you are interested in investing in stocks, I recommend you read this beginner’s guide on how to start.

If you are resident in Finland check out this bank’s information on beginners guide to start investing in stocks.



Concerning bonds, this is what op bank in Finland had to say.

You can subscribe to a savings bond with op if you are in Finland.

Nordea Bank.


Before you make any decision, as I mentioned earlier in this post, be sure you are dealing with a legitimate source.

Also, be aware of the risks that come with investing.


Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. I get a commission when you purchase through my link. There is NO EXTRA COST to you. 


Most of us have received formal education and that´s the reason we qualify for our current job positions.

If you want to make your money work for you, you should consider investing in yourself.

It could be a course that you take to help you with a particular skill. This skill could potentially assist in generating extra income for you.

The knowledge you acquire is yours and no one can take it away from you.

Sometimes you might need to participate in a workshop focused on personal well-being just to put your mind and soul in the right place.

This will help you develop more confidence or self-worth, that way you can stop sabotaging yourself when it comes to the subject of making money.

Books are also good resources to look into when it comes to investing in yourself.

Some of the books I love and recommend are:

Transforming Your Relationship with Money by Joseph R. Dominguez, Monique Tilford, and Vicki Robin

Invest in Your-SELF: Six Secrets to a Rich Life by Gerri Detweiler, Marc Eisenson, and Nancy Castleman

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson.

The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking

Mentorship programs are also one way you can invest in yourself.

Having a mentor who has been successful with money guide you through the process of making money and managing money only means you will be winning at this.

Would you want to create highly valuable content that will make total strangers pull out their wallets and buy?

Would you want to create a profitable online business and earn passive income?

You can learn how to do this.  Investing in yourself  to learn a skill that will help you start a business to increase your income is the fastest way to make your money work for you . 

This is a reasonably priced course I recommend that will teach  you  how to start a profitable online business. Check it out here.

The resources are endless, so kindly show yourself some love and invest in my mind.

It is the most important investment you will ever make.

Basically, you need to educate yourself that way, you are in a better position to attract money into your life.

14.How to grow your money fast

So in summary, how can you grow your money? There are several ways to grow your money.

All the points discussed above will help you manage and grow your money.

You can take control of your money by following the points listed above.

Remember that you are in charge, you are the boss of your money so make your money work for you.


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