how to make money as a teen no matter where you live

How to make money as a teen legitimately online and offline

If you are a teenager and want to earn some cash, you have come to the right place! You are at a point in your life where it is important to learn how to make and manage your money.

This article will discuss how to make money as a teen. There are lots of ways, so be ready for all the info you will find here.
Most likely, you were given an allowance as a child to do chores around the house for your parents. This made you have the desire to make your own money.

On the other hand, this could be you,
you’ve never made money in a day in your life, that’s fine!
Now is the time to learn and I am here to help you.

Maybe you do not want to ask your parents for money, or you are not in the position to ask for money from your parents. However, there are always expenses to pay for, such as entertainment, clothing, and the things you want to do.

The importance of making money as a teen

As you get older and take on more responsibilities, you want to find a job to make your own money. When you have your own money to spend as a teenager, it’s amazing.

This is because your efforts have been rewarded with a tangible reward. Whether it is about making money, spending, and saving, you will learn important lessons about money management. Money is a good asset if managed well.

Part-time work is a great way for you to make the transition to making your own money and learn how to manage it effectively
High school students who work develop good organizational and time management skills.

You will acquire important communication skills and learn to work in a team, and you will know about the value of money.

Making money as a teen helps you learn about responsibility.

Ways to make money as a teenager

So, how exactly do you make money as a teen?
Listed below are 50 plus ways you can make money as a teen today.

This post contains affiliate links , I get a commission when you use my links to make a purchase. There is NO EXTRA cost to you .

1.Start a Youtube channel

Several teenagers on YouTubers are making thousands of dollars on YouTube advertising revenue every month.

YouTube channels make between $ 1 and $ 20 per thousand views on average.
Be sure to make videos on a subject you are passionate about.

Be yourself, because your audience can see when you are being fake. Use tools such as Tubebuddy and morning fame to help rank your videos high in search.

Research and find out what video niche subjects are getting the most views before you start a Youtube channel. You can start a Youtube channel if you are 13 years old.

If you are younger have your parent or guardian have full control of your Youtube channel. You can use your phone to start recording and use free editing softwares such as hitfilm express to edit your videos.

2.Independent writing

If you are talented at writing or you see yourself being a writer one day, you should consider freelance writing. This is a great way to practice and build your resume. So how exactly do you make money as a teenager from independent writing?

Content creators and others are looking constantly for other people to write for them. Others are looking for writers to write parts of their books.

Create your blog to showcase examples of your work and then add them to your resume on LinkedIn or social media.
You increase your potential of being hired if you have a portfolio showcasing your work.

You can work independently on Fiverr, listverse, bunny studio, independent blogs. Search online for blogs that accept guest writers’ posts in exchange for money.

3.Manage social media accounts

It’s no secret that teenagers are well informed when it comes to social media. Did you know that you can manage the social accounts of bloggers, entrepreneurs, and businesses?

Most of the time these business owners are so focused on other aspects of their business, they forget about using social media to grow and attract more customers to their business.

Sometimes the issue could also be that, they don’t have the time to focus on social media to grow their business.

So when you are up to date on the latest social media trends and hacks, you can be a social media manager and create and put content on their social media pages.


Another way you can make extra cash as an adolescent is to blog. You make money by promoting affiliate links, monetizing your blog with adverts, or selling products or services on your blog.

Have you heard about blogging? If you have not, let me tell you a little bit about the types of blogging that actually makes money.

Your goal with your blog will be to provide solutions to problems for a specific group of people (this is also known as the target audience). You also need to write well-optimized SEO blog posts.

Use web hosting such as Siteground and buy a domain name with name cheap to start your blogging journey.

You can blog no matter where in the world you live.

5.Delivery job with Instacart

You have to be 18 years old to work with Instacart. You can make extra money by working with Instacart.

What you will be doing is delivering groceries to people or you have the option to shop from the grocery shop and then deliver to their doorstep.

There have a system in place to receive money for the shopping. So do not worry since you won’t have to use your own money for the shopping.

When you apply to Instacart and you get accepted to work with them, you get work notifications on your phone.

It’s flexible because you can decide if you want to accept the job or not. You only get paid if you accept and do the job.

If you work during peak hours, you can make up to $ 20 / hour! You need to have a car and a valid license. Instacart operates within the USA and Canada.

6.Deliver food with doordash

It’s the same concept as Instacart, except that with Doordash you deliver ready-made restaurant food.

You must be 18 or older to apply. It is a great job since you can work with your schedule.  You can decide to accept a work offer or not when a notification comes on your phone.

With delivery services, you should have your means of transportation, preferably a car, and insurance for the car or motor.

It will make your work easy. This service is available in the USA

7.Work with Foodora

If you live within Europe, Foodora is a food delivery service you can work with to make money. You have to be 18 years old to work with foodora.

They are currently available in Finland, Sweden, and Norway. They are yet to expand across Europe.

If you cannot find any food delivery service online locally in the country you live in, ask around. People might know some. Visit these places and ask to work with them.

8.Buy with Ibotta

How do you make money as a teen? If you are a teenager who lives in the United States, you could be using the Ibotta chrome extension on your computer or you could have the app on your phone.

Ibotta is an app that rewards you with cash for purchases you make on over 1200 plus stores, both online and offline. You want to pay through Ibotta when you make a purchase.

You take a picture after the purchase and if it qualities for cash reward payback, guess what, you get your money back within 48 hours. How amazing does this sound?

9.Become a Tutor

There has to be a subject in school you love and understand well.

This is a good opportunity to make money out of it. For an amount of money, you can offer to tutor your classmates who are having difficulty with the subject.

There is no shame in asking for money or a reward in return for your services.

You could also become a tutor online if you do not want to teach your classmate’s from school.

There are websites that you can sign up with to become a tutor. Some websites demand that you are 18 and over, some do not specify. UDEMY, KAPLAN, STUDENT TUTOR, HAPPY TUTORs are a list of a few.

There are several. Be sure you read reviews and trust the site before you sign up and start tutoring. You can make a minimum of $20 per hour tutoring.

10.Sell on Facebook Market Place

You can literally take a picture of anything you have that you no longer use and sell on the Facebook marketplace. This is a great way to make extra income as a teen.

The items you sell should be in good condition. You could sell anything from clothes to books, electronics, shoes and many more.

Clean the clothes you never wear or the things you no longer wear and sell them! This is definitely adding more value to them when selling multiple items.

You can clean books, shoes, and even electronic devices that you no longer use. You will be astonished at how much you can earn.

If you are concerned about people coming to your house to pick the items they buy from you, you could arrange with them to pick up the item in a nearby public place.

You want to be careful with strangers. Also, make sure your family or friends know your whereabouts when you go to deliver the item that has been bought.

make money as a teen on Etsy

11.Create and sell on Etsy

Another way to earn an income is to sell on Etsy. Etsy is a global online shop. You can sell your crafts and other items on this platform. It could be a painting or a t-shirt or jewelry and many more.

I have even found people on Etsy selling food items.

You need to be 18 to sell on Etsy.
If you do not have any physical product to sell, you can sell digital printables on Etsy.

You will avoid the process of shipping costs and packaging if you sell digital printables.

Examples of digital products you can make include wedding invitations, inspirational quotes, birthday invitations and so many more.

Before you start to sell on Etsy, check out the preparation process.

Preparing before starting to sell on Etsy is essential if you want to continuously generate income.

12.Teach a Foreign Language

If you happen to be bilingual or multilingual you have an advantage here. Did you know that you can make money teaching people languages? Check out these websites iTalki, verbal planet, and Lingoda for opportunities to teach.

13.Sell your photos or videos

If you practice photography, or you take pictures and record videos often, you can sell these pictures and videos online to make money.

You don’t necessarily have to produce a perfect image. The image has to be clear, visible and it should look beautiful. When you sell these images, they will be used as stock photos.

People will download them and use them for their videos, blogs, and other projects. Places to sell these photos include Shutterstock, adobe stock, and Photoshelter just to mention a few.

The age requirement for selling your photos is 18 years old. If you are younger, you need your parent´s or guardian’s assistance with the sale.

You want to be sure that, you are comfortable selling your pictures before you do. The pictures don’t have to be images of yourself.

It could be of nature, of buildings. It could be just your hands or the back of your head. The list is endless.

14.Sell your books

As a student, you might have textbooks, novels, which you do need anymore after you complete a grade.

Did you know that you can sell these used books online? Bookscouter is a platform online you can sell your books.

It is an app that you can use to scan the barcode or enter the ISBN of your books and put them up for sale on the app.

Your books could be new or used. Just be sure they are in good condition before you sell them.

Even if you don’t have the books to sell, one smart thing to do is to go to thrift or second-hand shops where they sell books and scan as many books as you can.

If the app informs that, there is demand for the book which you have scanned, you buy it and then resell it at a reasonable price on Bookscouter to vendors.

15.Register with Instawork

You can earn money by registering with  Instawork. This is a platform or marketplace where businesses find people to work for them instantly.

The good part about Instawork is that you work based on the schedule you have created.

After you register and you set your schedules, any local employer can ask for your expertise or help at the time you have informed that you are free to work.

The work opportunities include cleaning, dishwashing, waitressing at events, warehouse worker, delivery personnel, and many more.

16.Create a Fiverr account

If you’ve been online, you’ve probably heard of Fiverr.

If you have not, let me tell you briefly what Fiverr is. Fiverr is an online marketplace that lets you buy and sell freelance services starting at $ 5 and is open to anyone over the age of 13.

Fiverr is one of the best ways for teenagers to make money online as it is a very flexible platform. You can offer any KIND OF service you want.

If you are good at designing you can create logos. If you have a good voice, do some voiceovers, if you are good at editing, you can edit people´s videos, if you are good at writing, you can write blog posts and many more.

17.Write Essays for students

There are two things that you cannot avoid as a student.

These are writing essays and taking exams. And while you can’t take exams for others, many of them are willing to pay you to write essays for them.

You can charge five dollars a page, and if you are a good writer it won’t be difficult to keep writing essays for some students or to expand your business to other students.

You could do this in your school or for other students, not in your school, or use online services like writing my essay

18.Maintenance Work

Homeowners always have some work that needs to be done in their yard.

For those of you who live in the suburbs, maintaining your yard is one of the most difficult chores for a homeowner to have.

The jobs that need to be done range from mowing the lawn, removing weeds, or raking some leaves. In the wintertime, you can shovel snow.

If you can establish yourself as a neighborhood garden cleaner, people will come to you to do the job they’d rather not do. This is an avenue to make money for yourself as a teen.

19.Fetching water for People

If you live in a country where there is water shortage frequently, and people have to go far distances to get water, you should consider starting a water delivery service to earn cash.

Some people are old and cannot get the water by themselves, others just don’t fancy getting water by themselves but are willing to pay others to do it for them.

You could consider establishing a water delivery service. Use a wheelbarrow for example to transport the water in 20 liters jerry cans.

Get a taxi to help you transport water in jerry cans to your customers.

ways to make money as a teen

20.Host Parties in your Neighbourhood

For most people, if they have to host a party, they lose money.

However, if you consider yourself a business owner, there are many ways to make money hosting parties.

Rent an apartment space to host a party and charge an entry fee.
Find rooms near you and see how much it would cost to rent them out for the night. Once you know how much the rent is, you can see how many people you would have to bring with you to make the money.

Lets say you can ask for an entry fee of anywhere from $ 8 to $ 15 per person and 40 people attend, that would be roughly $320 to $600.

You could provide good music and some drinks for sale.

Also, another way to use this space is to inform others about the availability of your space. They could use the space for parties or events.

21.Rent your space and your items

Do you have a garage attached to your parent’s house? Maybe a spacious room you can invite people to.

You’re probably too young to rent your entire home on Airbnb. However, you can rent your space and let people use the spaces in your home and give you money in return.

Do you have a comic book collection that people can read for $ 4 an hour? Maybe video games that you want someone else to play for a couple of hours on the weekend? Rent it out to them at a price.

You can also rent out other things you own like your bike, skateboard, scooter. Just make sure you know who you’re giving your things to so that if you don’t return your items, you can find them.

Growing up, we had makeshift single rooms behind the main house which we put up ourselves with wood and fabrics.

The fabric served as roofs to protect us from the sun. The neighborhood children gathered to play video games here.

They had to pay a fee to be able to play or just hang inside the room and observe while others played.

22.Prints t-shirts for your School on request or sell them online

Almost all schools have a sports team. In addition to sports teams, most schools also have organizations such as a chess club or a comic book club.

All sports teams need clothing, and many organizations also need clothing. Go to your athletic director and ask how much it costs to order the print t-shirts.

Tell them that you’ve researched school clothes and found that many schools overpay for their gym clothes.

Once they tell you how much they’re paying for clothes, ask them if they can pay you to provide the t-shirts as well as print on the t-shirts for them.

Open a print-on-demand account with Shopify and create the designs and order the quantity needed for them.

You could potentially become a millionaire just with the money you make from selling shirts.

Check out this video of a 14-year-old boy who is a millionaire just because he took action on selling print t-shirts

23.Build websites for Local Businesses

Almost all large companies have a website. According to statistica, 4.66 billion people worldwide use the internet as of 2021. 

Some small businesses do not have a website. There could be so many reasons why they do not use the internet.

They have not educated themselves about the importance of a web page for their business or they just do not know how to set it up.

Go to local businesses and show them some examples of other websites in your area and tell them you can create a website like this one for them.

You can learn how to create a website, it’s simple to make. There are more than enough YouTube videos to walk you step by step through building a website from scratch.

So don’t LET the process of creating a website INTIMIDATE YOU.
You might probably not need to come up with personal codes because designing websites in 2021 is so simple that even a 10-year-old can do it by following the steps online.

Some blogs guide you to make a website. To start building a website you will need two major things, a domain name and domain hosting.
Buy the domain name from name cheap.

The domain name will be the name of the company.
Buy hosting from Siteground.

You are ready to start designing the website with the different design options available.

24.Design and sell coloring books or low content books on amazon

You can design coloring books, puzzles, and other low-content books on canva or book bolt and sell them on amazon KPD.

It’s important to research to find out which low-content books are selling well on Amazon. Also don’t just make the books just because you can. Be sure to make beautiful books.

Pay attention to the keywords you use to describe your books and also consider your pricing.

You want your books to be found and you want to make sales. They are lots of other sellers and lots of low content books on Amazon, so be sure you are researching and doing things right.

25.Start a Podcast

If you want a platform to share your knowledge about a particular subject and you enjoy talking, you could consider starting a podcast to make income as a teenager.

Record the intro and make it sound professional. Discuss the subject and edit. You are ready to post on your media host’s platform.

You can monetize the podcast when you have a large number of listeners with advertisements and sponsorships.

26.Share your skill to Entertain and get Paid

Do you have a talent that you think people will love to see and be entertained?

It could be dancing, your ability to tell funny jokes, it could be painting or singing. You can make money with this talent you have.

You could either start a social media page eg. Instagram and start sharing your talent there.

When you get a large following, required for monetization, you can monetize it.
Better still, you can head to the streets and perform for people.

Make sure you have a container placed in front of you so others can donate money if they want.

27.Be a Virtual Assistant

To make money as a virtual assistant, you need to provide services for a company or a client virtually. 

You can start searching for your client by uploading your services on Fiverr.

The advantage of this job is that you can work from anywhere since you do not have to be physically present in a named location.

You can also buy courses if you have the resources to get them and learn how to be a VA. Some courses will link you up with your potential clients.

28.Create an Instagram themed Page

You can make money from the Instagram platform with ads and sponsorships and promoting products.

Your page must be focused on one theme. It could be a sneakers theme, dance theme, or makeup theme.

This is important if you want to make money with your Instagram account.

You can check out this article on CBNC about how to make money with Instagram and other social media platforms.

29.Stream on Twitch

Twitch is an online platform for the live streaming of games and other activities.

Just like anything online has its dangers, so does twitch. As a result of twitch being very interactive because you are live, you need to be careful of your conversation with people on the platform.

You can use Twitch if you are 13 years old and above. You can make money on twitch when your viewers donate money to you or when you become an affiliate for twitch or when you sell merchandise or through sponsorships and adverts.

Read more about how to make money from twitch here.

30.Become a freelancer

What this means is that you can do different jobs remotely based on when the jobs are available and get paid.

It’s important to note that, you are self-employed if you are a freelancer. You can be a proofreader, virtual assistant, voice-over artist, transcriber, photo, and video editor.

Check out this article I wrote about freelance jobs.

31.Learn a Skill that Pays Well

The internet is a very powerful money-making tool. If you learn skills and follow the right steps others have used to gain success, you will also be making money and gain success just like them.

Anyone can make money online if they are prepared to put in the work. You need to be disciplined and work-driven if you want to see good results.

You also want to research and find the right resources or individuals to assist you to gain these skills. You will find people online who will say, these skills will not make you money online.

The truth of the matter is that it did not make them money so they are in disbelieve.

It probably did not make them money because they did not put in the effort they had to or they were looking in all the wrong places to learn these skills or they were not focused on learning and mastering one skill at a time.

Some examples of skills you can learn that will make you lots of money online are, Affiliate marketing, drop shipping, growing a social media platform organically, funnel building, and Facebook advertising.

32.Print on Demand Store

This method of making money is very cost-effective. The item is only made ready and shipped to the customer by the manufacturer when an order is placed.

You do not have to physically store the items with you and ship them when an order is made.

Your job is to have a storefront online and display pictures of the items you are selling.

Once someone purchases, the manufacturer makes and ships the item to the buyer.

Examples of manufacturers include Shopify, Printify, Teesprings, Zazzle, Redbubble just to mention a few.

33.Be a Cleaner

Cleaners are always needed because there is a need to keep places clean. You can look up cleaning job opportunities locally.

Remember that this is just a temporary approach for you to make money. There is no shame in being a cleaner.

During the summer holidays, there are lots of cleaning jobs available. You could clean boats for example or carnival parks or restaurants or offices or amusement parks. This is a good way to make extra money.

34.Care for the Elderly

Caring for the elderly is another good way to make some money as a teen. You can either decide to work in old people’s homes or be a personal assistant /caregiver to an old person.

There is so much help they need and as a vibrant teenager, you can be of great assistance to them and make money from it too.

They need help with everyday activities such as buying groceries, paying their bills, loading the dishwasher, and many others.

You need to search online, search from google for this kind of job. You could type in the search bar “Care for the elderly jobs”

wash cars to make money as a teen

35.Start a car Washing business in the summer

If you want to make money as a teenager consider washing cars in the summer. You could get a couple of your friends to join you to do this.

You can use word of mouth to advertise within your neighborhood. You could also advertise on social media so your followers who live around you get to know about this service you provide. These are people who will potentially be your customers.

Another great way to advertise is to distribute flyers at your local mall. Get help from your parents buying the necessary work tools needed to make this business generate profit.

36.Sell Items to your classmates

How do you make money as a teen? Have you thought about selling items to your classmates? I had classmates who used to sell items to us back in high school.

You can sell little items or big-ticket items.
Some of the little items include pens and other school supplies, soda, gum, things you make by yourself, eg cupcakes, and the big-ticket item could be an outsourced designer shoe that was just released.

You know your classmates best and the interests they have. Get the things they need or talk about getting that might be difficult for them to find by themselves and sell it to them.

37.Sell hot drinks in the winter

Everyone wants to stay warm in the wintertime. As much as we are all properly dressed, a hot cup of cocoa will always be welcome.

You could get a stand and get the tools you need to start this business. It’s inexpensive to make cocoa drinks.

You could also lure in more customers with the kinds of toppings you provide for your hot cocoa drink.
Presentation is also very important, so consider the setup of your stand and the kind of images you display to attract your customers.

38.Dog Sitting

Did you know that you could make money being a dog sitter? Well, dog owners hire and pay people to care for their dogs for many reasons.

They could be away on long work trips and they will need someone to care for their pet while they are away. There could be several reasons why.

With that, being said, you can make money doing this job. You would want to sign up with an agency that provides this service. 

People do not trust or easily welcome strangers into their house without a guarantee that their pet will be safe and their house will also be safe.

If you live however in a small community and you are known, you might want to use word of mouth or distribute flyers to let people know that, you can work as a dog sitter for them.

39.Tutor young Kids in your neighborhood

There are always opportunities for kids to learn and grow.

As a teenager, you could teach younger kids in your neighborhood something you are good at.

It could be spelling or mathematics. It could be a sport or an activity such as dancing.
You should consider talking to their parents first.

Explain why you have an interest in tutoring, how much you will charge per child, and what exactly you will be teaching.

40.Online Surveys for Teens

You could dedicate some of your time to filling out and submitting surveys online. There are a lot of websites that offer money and gift cards in exchange for filling out a survey.

Be sure to check that the site you found online by yourself is a legitimate one and the requirement to fill the survey based on your age.

You do not want to waste your time doing this and notice towards the end that you do not qualify.

Also to be ahead of this game, make sure you create an email purposely for getting alerts about new surveys when they are posted. You should also check if these sites have referral programs.

If they do, refer to your friends, social media followers, and family and make money from that. Signing up to multiple survey sites will increase your chances of making more money. So be sure to sign up to multiple sites.

Some examples of legitimate survey sites for teenagers include

Surveybee (17 yr old and above) and available in Finland

YouGov (16 years old and above ) is available in Finland and 39 other countries

GrabPoints(13 years old and above and available worldwide
SurveyRewardz( 13 years old and above )and available worldwide.

Swagbucks(13 yr old and above) and available in Germany, France, Spain, Ireland, Australia USA, and Canada

Toluna( 16 years old and above) and available in 60+ countries

ySence (16 years old and above) and available worldwide

41.Teach young kids to swim

How do you make money as a teen during the summer holidays? You could occupy your time as well as make money teaching young kids how to swim.

If you are interested, this is one way to do both. Be sure you have measures in place to keep the child safe at all times.

You might even end up teaching their parents too. Some parents from developing countries did not learn to swim as kids.

They might be interested now as adults and this is your chance to teach them and make some money.

42.Work for a local food vendor

You could also go to a local food vendor and ask if they have a job for you to do. Most times they do and they will pay you for your services.

You could wash dishes, run errands, clean spills on the floor, and do many other chores just to name a few.

43.Dog Walking

There are people who for reasons cannot walk their dogs. It could be because of health reasons, they have very busy schedules, or they just don’t want to.

But that’s an advantage to you because you can make money walking their dogs for them. You get to be outdoors, enjoy fresh air, visit parks, and walk dogs and you get paid for that. This is how you make money as a teen.


This way of making money as a teenager has been around for decades. Parents with young kids always need help with babysitting.

You could expect to perform tasks such as playing with the kids, warming food for them, and many others.

Parents usually have instructions available on what you have to do while you babysit, So don’t worry about coming up with what you have to do with the children.

I have listed a few good sites for  babysitting  jobs  if you are interested. and are available in Finland

Nordic nannies: Available in Finland and abroad

Check out to look for jobs. This is available worldwide.

Babysits is available in the following countries,
USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK, Brazil, and many others. is available in the UK.

If you want to babysit or take care of children in another country, you should consider becoming an Aupair. Check out their page and apply.

45.Work in a Pizzeria

Working in a pizzeria is another way you can make money as a teen. Do not worry if you do not know how to make pizzas yet.

If you apply for the job and you are employed, you will be taught how to make pizzas. Most pizzerias teach their staff to make pizzas because they want their products to be unique to their pizzeria only.

Before you apply for a job, you could learn the basics of making pizzas at home so you have an idea of what to expect.

46.Deliver Pizza

If making pizza is not your thing, but you have an interest in doing a job related to pizzas, you could consider delivering pizza. Be the pizza delivery guy or girl.

You will be delivering pizzas to customers where ever they are. Some pizzerias have their delivery cars or motorbikes that you can use for delivery, others do not and expect you to have and use your car or motorbike.

Be sure to make this clarification before you accept the job.

47.Teach Old People to use the Internet

The use of the computer and the internet is difficult for some old people since they did not grow up using it.

There is a need for the aged to learn how to use the internet since the internet is of great importance these days.

Teenagers can teach the aged to use the internet and make money from it. With the onset of the pandemic, the internet became an important go-to place for most services.

As a teenager, you can teach an old person to use the internet and charge a fee for your services.

48.Sell Stuff at the thrift Shop

I am sure there are some items you own which you do not use anymore that are in good condition. Even if you do not personally own these items, there will be household items your parents do not need or use anymore.

You could gather these things and sell them to a thrift shop and make money from them. Some thrift stores want their sellers to buy a tablespace and sell their stuff. You could also opt for that.

49.Work at an Amusement Park

Have you ever considered working at an amusement park in the summertime?. There are so many job descriptions.

You need to have good communication skills and be ready for the possibility that your job description might demand that, you stand for long hours. You will always receive training on the job once you are employed.

You can make money from this website. With user testing your job will be to test websites for companies.

Companies that have websites need people to test their websites before they make them available to the public.

They want to know how their potential customers would interact with their websites and also about user experience.

If it is a website selling shoes for example, is it easy to find the shoe you want to buy based on color?

This is just an example of a task you will have to perform. User testing gives these companies the platform to do this. This is where you can make money as a teen by testing these websites.

51.Deliver Newspapers

If you have a bike and are interested in making money. You could deliver local newspapers.

It is a common summer job for students. You can ask a local newspaper company if they are hiring during the summer.

Be sure to ask in the spring season already or early that way you are sure of securing a job for the summer.

52.Review Songs and get paid

Check out This is a platform that allows you to listen to music and get paid for it. They can pay up to 12 dollars per song.

You need an active Spotify or apple music account. The next requirement is to have at least 400 followers. This is available worldwide. Check out this Youtube video for more explanation.

53.Start an Ironing Business

If you enjoy ironing, you could start an ironing business. You could start by asking neighbors if they want your services in exchange for money.

You could iron in their homes or ask that the clothes be brought to you so you iron in your house.
Start advertising your services online or distribute flyers in your local mall.

Be sure you have the needed tools to make your work efficient. A good iron, Hangers, Hanging racks, ironing board. Best of all have a positive attitude towards your customers. And this is how you will be making money as a teenager.

54.Become a Server in a Restaurant or Chop Bar

You can make money by waitressing in a restaurant or a chop bar. Go to these places and request to work with them. You can also check online for job openings.

55.Flip Sneakers

What this means is that you buy sneakers from a retail store and resell it to make a profit.

There are a handful of people doing this business. You could even sell slightly used sneakers. As always depending on the condition of the shoe, you could sell at a higher or lower price.

You can create an Instagram page and sell from there or you could use apps to sell your sneakers

56.Collect Cans and Bottles

Bottle and can collection is another way to make money. You get paid by recycling these. A 1liter bottle could cost 0.50 cents.

There are bottle return vending machines in some countries, where you can return the bottles and get money.

In some countries too you have to return the bottles and you get money from the buyer of the bottles.

It does not matter how you return the bottles, the important thing is that you make money from returning bottles and you protecting the environment too.

Advantages of being a teenager in the 21st centuary

It is a blessing to be a teenager in the 21st century, I say this because there are so many technological opportunities that help to make money.

The internet for one makes you connect with people who you might never meet or have met in real life.

These individuals are most at times sharing their knowledge on how they become successful. You can learn from them and be successful too.

How you can profit from the money you make

There are so many investment opportunities you can make so your money grows for you. Invest in yourself and gain more knowledge and experience.

Expand your business
Look for other profitable businesses to invest in such as real estate
Talk to a financial advisor to guide you on how best you can use your money


You can make money as a teenager. Even though your parents might support you financially, it is important to take up some of the responsibility.

One of the most fulfilling things in life is to make your own money and be able to afford the things you need in life.

Try one by one every opportunity you have to make money from the list I have given above, you have nothing to lose. If you do not succeed at one, forget about it and try another one.

You are still very young and have a lot of time to try new things to make money.
There is no black and white rule to making money.

The right opportunities to make money are endless. You can find more information for teen jobs here. So best of luck to you.

How to make money as a teen legitimately online and offline

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