miracles from GOD

God performs miracles everyday

My life has been taken over by the adversary, Jane said to herself one cold winter morning.

All I experience is fear and hatred for myself and my family.  

During a Sunday visit to the church, Jane decided it was time she cast the devil out of her life.  She wanted to know if God performs miracles everyday.

Jane knelt down to pray that evening after church in her living room. She asked God to show her the way she had to take so that, she could draw closer to Him. 

She felt the presence of the holy spirit, it was so peaceful and tears run down her cheeks. She stayed up to study the scriptures. 

That was when Jane studied in detail about miracles. She asked God for a miracle. 

She did her part to fast and pray and study the scriptures and she waited for the Lord to do His part. 

Jane although a Christian all her life, had been very passive about obeying the teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

She thought what she knew about God and His church was enough to sustain her spiritual life.  She did not need God to perform miracles everyday in her life. 

She thought she could use her own discretion to make things happen in her life.

Little did she know that all the troubles she was experiencing were because of her passive approach to God.

The adversary had slipped through the open door and entered and taken over Jane´s life. 

Jane realized something was wrong when she ended up in the psychiatric ward because of family problems.

After studying the scriptures about miracles, Jane asked God for a miracle that she had wanted to happen for a couple of years. 

She had done all she could to make them happen but had failed at it.

The scriptures had said that God still performs miracles everyday as long as the world has not come to an end. (Mormorn 9:15)

God had also said that we should ask in faith and He will give us what we asked for. (Enos 1:15)

So Jane asked God in faith for the baptism of her loved one and for her relatives to move close to her residence. 

God listened, and He answered.  This was indeed a miracle.  He still performs miracles today. After waiting for more than 10 years, Jane´s partner got baptized. Her relatives got a house in the same residence where Jane lived. 

Jane´s relatives had searched for a long time for the perfect house.

God made sure to prove how mighty He is. The house was initially given to another couple who had bid a higher price.  The next day a phone call came through and we were informed that the couple had not yet started the loan application process with the bank.

God proved himself. He made Jane aware that, His word is straightforward and true. He is a God who does not lie. 

The couple selling the house needed to move out as soon as possible. They were not willing to wait for the loan application to start. They gave the house to Jane´s relatives instead. 

If you have read this story to this point, I want you to know that we serve a living God.  He loves you just the way you are. 

No matter what you have done, He is ready with His arms open to receive you. Give your life to Him and you will be glad you did. He loves you just the way you are. 

I believe in His tender mercy towards each one of us, His children. He wants you to seek Him first and He will add all other things to make our life a happy one. 


This is a true-life story, my story. I am glad to share this to encourage you to come unto Christ. 

God bless you.


God performs miracles everyday.

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