God is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow

God is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

God is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow.
He never changes. He never lies.
In 1 Kings 17 vs 1, Elijah proves To King Ahab that God sticks To His word. He proves To the King that God still lives.

He tells the king that there Will be no rain In the next few years.
After Elijah had told the king this, God commanded Elijah To go and hide because King Ahab Will try to kill him.

While hiding, God promised Elijah food, the ravens brought Elijah bread and Meat.

Elijah was obedient and did as the Lord instructed. He went into hiding and God provided for him. 

God does not lie

The Lord we serve lives. He is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

 He did It for Elijah and He Will do It for you too.
He Will protect you from the adversary just like He protected Elijah. He Will show you what you have To do.

He Will provide for you, just as He did for Elijah.
Is It your finance, is It marriage, is It a business, the Lord liveth, so you will have no fear.

In 1 Kings 17 vs 7, we read that, after a while Elijah´s source of water dried up because there was no rain In the land.


Follow God´s command

God continued To direct Elijah. He commanded him To go To Zarephath.

A widow Will be there to provide him with food.

Elijah once again obeyed.

God is indeed Good. He Will not leave you In the dark clueless. He Will Continue To show you the way. He Will continue to Guide you and direct you.

He Will Continue To provide for you. Even when you feel, it’s the end of It for you because your business is not growing, the relationship you were expecting is not coming, God says believe in Him.

God is good

There is nothing impossible for the Lord.
Just as He provided for Elijah, He Will do the same for you.
Have faith in Him.

Your work as a Child of God is to seek Him.
Your responsibility is to study His word.
He can only Guide you if you give Him permission to.

Study His word personally, Feast upon His word and He Will prove To you that, He is the same today, yesterday and is the same tomorrow.

So as Elijah got To Zarephath, he met the widow and asked for bread and she gave Him.

God is directing you to that person Who Will help you. His glory and Grace is upon you. You will receive that wealth, the business, that marriage you are expecting at the right time.

You Will receive because God is good. He is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow. He never changes.

Act by faith

The widow had very little and was reluctant To give Elijah initially but Elijah insisted She gave him Bread.

After She gave him bread, She never lacked flour and oil. Her vessel continued To provide flour and She continued To have oil.

What lessons do we learn here?
We learn about faith, God keeping His promises, and about God providing always.

Even if little like a mustard seed, faith will make miracles happen In your life.
God does not lie.
He sticks To His promises.
He Will never fail you nor forsake you.

Trust In Him and His glory Will shine upon you.
He has commanded us To care for the poor. Give and you Will receive.
If you care for the poor, you are caring for God.

How strong is your faith?

The widow gave even though She had little and see what God did.
This widow never lacked. So go out there and give To the poor and believe me, God Will never make you lack.

In vs 17, the widow, s son died. 

Elijah cried To the Lord To return life to the widow´ s son.
God heard Elijah´s cry and returned life to the Son of the widow. 1 kings 17:22.

The name of the Lord be praised.

Even when you think you have Come to an end, you feel there is nothing more you can do, you think you are finished, God is telling you, there is nothing impossible for Him.

He is Mighty. The heavens and earth belong To Him.

He gave life back To the widow´s son, He Will give you back that which you have Lost. He will perform your miracle.

He Will give you that which you pray To receive. He Will give you that which you cry upon Him for.

He Will prove To you that He is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow.

Thanks for reading. You are here because God wants you to be there. Stay blessed.

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