frugal living tips for millenials

Top Simple Frugal Living Tips for Millennials

The Millennial generation is often thought of as lazy, self-involved, and entitled. 

Some may even say that this generation has never had to work hard for anything in their lives.

Truth be told, millennials are just as hard-working and hungry for success as any other group out there.

It’s no secret that some of you millennials are struggling to stay afloat in today’s economy.

What frugal living tips can you apply in your life today to help you have sufficient funds?

That being said, it is critical for you to navigate your finances wisely if you hope to live a comfortable life. 

Thankfully, there are tons of ways you can save and make money.

We’re here today with some suggestions on how you can live a more frugal lifestyle without sacrificing your social life or happiness and still have time left over to explore the world.

Frugal living tips to start practicing today

Listed below are several frugal living tips you can start implementing in your life today. Hope you enjoy reading 🙂

1. Save money by eating out less

It can be really easy to eat out every night when you’re not on a tight budget.

The temptation is often just an excuse for you to not cook at home after work. Most meals can easily be made at home and then frozen in individual portions for later.

Once you buy the ingredients, cooking will only cost pennies per meal. By taking the decision to make your meals at home, you will be spending less on food.

2. Be mindful of Alcohol Consumption

Alcoholic drinks are often a huge expense when out on the town with friends.

The good news is that your liver has a miraculous capacity to heal itself if you just take it easy every now and then.

So what is the frugal living tip here?

Have one or two drinks per week, maybe don’t go completely nuts at the bar this weekend either.

It’s not worth getting sick over. You should consider having water and sodas in between drinks when at the bar. 

It’s cheaper, you might even get free refills.

You decrease the chances of getting hungover and the good news is that, you get to drive home afterward.

No need for the services of a taxi. Which by the way is extra cost to you.

This post contains Affiliate links. I make a commission when you purchase with my links. There is no extra cost to you. Thank you.

Couponing can be annoying sometimes. You have to look for them, clip them and also remember to take them with you to the shop.


If the purchase you are about to make is something you won’t save lots of money using, it can as well be considered time-wasting.

It’s even more frustrating when you calculate wrongly and end up without a discount. 

There is a better and time-effective way to coupon these days.

Honey is a chrome coupon extension that you can use for couponing. It’s applicable to over 30000 stores online.

The honey browser extension automatically suggests coupons for you as you shop. 

All you have to do is apply it to your purchase when checking out. Honey is free to use and you can check it out here.

4. Avoid brand names when you shop

It’s amazing how much money people waste every year on expensive brand-name items. 

A good rule is to only buy these things if there’s a clear benefit in doing so. For example like with groceries.

You can research into the conditions and circumstances under which some of these brand names make and manufacture their goods and products. 

You might be disgusted and shocked at how you are helping the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

5. Look for sales when you shop

It can be really easy to find great deals when you’re shopping for just about anything. 

This is how you apply this frugal living tip.

Stores usually have a ‘Sales’ section that will feature items at lower prices, so don’t ignore this option.

Things are also cheaper when they are off-season. You save a lot when you buy summer clothes for example at the end of summer. 

Because the season is over, most of the summer clothes will be put on sale. Stores do this to get rid of the clothes in preparation for the next season’s clothes.

Almost every store and website out there has some sort of program or cashback service nowadays.

With these they’ll give you a percentage of your purchase back as currency. 

You’ll usually get an email or pop-up ad when it’s time for one of these promotions, so make sure to take advantage.

One of such cashback programs you can join is rebatekey. 

It is actually free to join. Check them out with this link. They operate currently in the USA only.

6. Prewrap your holiday gift

Wrapping paper and accessories all though not very expensive, tend to add up. 

Every Christmas you find yourself buying wrapping paper and it gets ripped off in seconds and thrown in the trash.

Here is a better thrifty living tip. You can save money by reusing these wrappers. 

Get shoe boxes for example and wrap them and put your gifts in them. 

Tell family members to give the wrapped boxes back to you after they open and take their gifts. 

You can reuse this wrapped box every Christmas to give presents. 

Be ready because some family members will call you cheap. Don’t take it too personal because you know your goal.

Do not forget it is you penny-pinching to save money in various sectors of your life wherever possible.

7. Auto Invest

With as little as 3 dollars you can start investing with Acrons. Investment is one of the smartest and effective ways to build your wealth. 

Acorns has over 9 million users currently and it is safe to use. Check out this review of Acrons written by Forbes. 

You can decide if you want to start investing with Acrons or if you want to look into other investment opportunities.

Nerdwallet also has a good article on investing with Acrons. There is a comparison with Sofi, vanguard, and Acrons. You might want to check it out.

8. budgeting

Another frugal living tip that will help you save money for investments or that will help you live comfortably within your means is to budget.

Having a budget helps you know where your money is going, as well as what you can afford, and what you cant afford.

 Budgeting is a good practice which when implemented early will save you a lot of financial stress.

You can start by downloading this free budget planner below.

10. Learn outside the classroom

Learning outside of the regular school classroom is the best way to get knowledge about frugal living tips. 

Unfortunately, living a frugal life is one subject that is not taught in schools. 

Most important life skills are not taught in the classroom anyways. That one thing I don’t get. 

If you want to learn about frugality, reading blogs, watching videos online and, attending seminars are good places and resources to look into.

If you are still reading at this point, I want to take a moment to say thank you for sticking around. I really appreciate it. 

You will get lots of valuable frugal living tips you can apply in your life. 

You are serious about this frugal journey since you are still reading for it and this is one step closer towards your success with frugal living.

11. Extra Source of Income

You as an individual practicing frugal living should do so because you want to make money to meet all your needs which you consider important. 

You should also use your money for other investment opportunities. The goal of following frugal living tips is to live a self-reliant lifestyle. 

In cases where you are doing your best with your finances but still are not able to meet all your needs, you should consider an extra source of income.

There are lots of opportunities to make passive income. Making money with a passive income also requires you to put in the time.

Examples of passive income ideas you can start include 

1.selling e-products such as digital printables. 

2. Have an online store to sell something you already know how to make eg. jewelry. 

3. You could also look into affiliate marketing

4. selling low content books on amazon using BOOKBOLT.

5. You could even start a blog or start a podcast or a Youtube channel.

Note that, even though these are side hustles, you will have to put in the work and the time. 

Treating it as a hobby won’t bring in the results you might be expecting. 

Even though this might be a side hustle for you, it’s important to remember that some people have chosen to make these full-time job for themselves.

It’s a full-time job for them because they are able to make enough money to live on. 

That should be an encouraging factor for you. It’s possible to make money doing the above-listed side hustle ideas.

12. Avoid buying cups of Coffee

If you happen to be a coffee drinker and find yourself buying coffee from coffee shops regularly, it’s time to consider cutting down the number of times you make this purchase.

 If you can, consider completely stopping buying from coffee shops. You might be wondering what the economical alternative is? 

Make your own coffee at home. It’s not that difficult. Buy a coffee maker and make your own coffee. You will save yourself some money on your frugal journey.

13. Learn a skill

Learning a skill means that, you can work for yourself at some point if you want to. This skill could probably also help you save money. 

Learning to sew for example is a good skill to have. You could save money by mending your clothes when they tear. You do not have to spend money to buy new ones.

 In the future when you start having kids, mending their clothes or torn buttons will be all you have to do to save the situation instead of buying new ones.

You could make simple clothing pieces such as hair bonnets, scarves or crunchies and sell them on platforms like Etsy or eBay.

14. Avoid impulsively buying

Another smart way to be frugal is to avoid impulse purchases. If you have not planned for it and it happens to be a big purchase, please don’t do it. 

You might have in the back of your mind that, paying on credit will be a good option. 

That’s actually not a smart decision unless you know that you can pay off the credit bill in full at the end of the month or when the bill arrives. 

You need to consider and plan before you make such purchases. 

It’s not only about the big purchases, small purchases can also add up when you are buying randomly all the time. 

It’s important to remember that, if you don’t need it, you don’t buy it, no matter how inexpensive it is. Frugal living means being intentional.

frugal living tip to save money by Doing it yourself(DIY)

15. Learn to DIY

You will save money if you learn to do some things by yourself. There are a lot of free available resources available today that you can use to learn. 

Learning to do things yourself is better anyways. 

This is because you can have the end product just as you want it. 

You save yourself money and the frustration that sometimes comes with letting other people do things for you. 

Some of the things you can learn to do yourself include:

Dyeing or cutting your hair at home

Think about the money you will save if you don’t go to the salon often. 

It’s good to once in a while have a professional treat your hair. 

Most of the time, however, you can do it yourself if you are willing to learn to do it yourself.


 I have been making my own hair for 10 years now. A visit to the salon would cost anywhere from €50 to €100 for a wash and a trim. 

It’s been a money lifesaver not having to go have someone else make my hair.

Manicure pedicure

Getting the supplies and doing it yourself at home will save you some money.

 As I have mentioned several times in other articles in my blog, frugal living is practiced differently by different people. 

If you live in a place where it is cheaper to have someone else perform a service for you as compared to you doing it yourself, make the smart decision.

Where I live in Finland for example is costs roughly about €90 to €100 to get gel nails fixed. Another €60 or more euros for maintenance every 2 weeks should the need arrive. 

That’s a lot of money if I decide to have a professional do it for me.

Fix things around the house

Fix things around the house when they no longer function. eg, light bulbs, broken windows, making a fence, painting, car repairs, changing car tires, etc. 

Become your own handyman. You will be very grateful to yourself one day that you choose to learn to do these things.

16. Sell things you don’t need

Turn your clutter to cash. There are lots of platforms online you can use to sell things in your house that you don’t use. Facebook marketplace and eBay are common ones.

Other sites to sell on are:

Thredup available in USA

Depop available in UK

Zadaa available in Finland

Depending on which country you live in, there are platforms available. 

If you do not want to sell online, you can bring the items you want to sell to a thrift shop and sell them there.

17. Buy a Car you can afford

When buying a car be sure that you can pay upfront in full.

Or if you buy on credit it should be something that you can see yourself paying off in at least under 2 years or in the shortest time possible.

Usually, cars that you can pay in full for, are used cars. Ensure that you make your purchase from a trusted source.

 I have used 2 cars in the last 10 years and I have always bought used cars and have never had any issues with them.

Owning a car means that, you have to be prepared for the other expenses that come with it. 

So we talking about road tax, car insurance, unplanned damages, and repairs as well as yearly maintenance.

 You need to set aside money for all these expenses. 

The kind of car you choose to buy will determine if you are spending €2000 on these expenses or if you are spending €600. 

So as a frugal person, be smart about which car you decide to purchase

18. Don’t get into credit card debt

Credit cards are good, don’t get me wrong. They have their advantages and disadvantages just like any other thing around us. 

The main problem however is that lenders are willing to lend to you because they know how much they benefit from lending to you. 

You end up in debt if you are unable to pay it back and they (credit card companies) lose nothing.

You have to be smart when dealing with credit cards. You must be able to pay off your credit card bill in full once the bill arrives. 

Not doing so means that interest is added every time you pay a small amount of the bill. 

This is where money gradually starts accumulating and before you know it, you are in debt.

19. Free exercise instead of the gym

There are lots of free ways to exercise instead of using the gym. A frugal living tip you should add to your exercise routine is to exercise for free. 

Having a gym membership does not mean that, you will always go there and make use of their equipment. 

We all know when our motivation dies sometimes, we don’t go and this is money wasted. 

You are paying for a service you are not using. This is one thing you should avoid if you want to be frugal. 

Youtube has lots of free videos on exercise routines and instructions you can use to your benefit. 

Other social network platforms are packed with free exercise and training resources. Take advantage of these. 

Another way to get your workout done is to go on that run, go on that walk. Go jogging. 

You can motivate yourself to do it or better still get an accountability partner or join Facebook groups with similar workout interests and goals.

20. Buy items that are located away from eye level

You might be that individual who reaches out and grabs items that are on your eye level when you go shopping. 

Well, a good frugal living tip to add to your list of several frugal living tips which you follow already is this. 

Pick items that are below your eye level when you go shopping.

The inexpensive items are placed below your eye level. Most shoppers unfortunately don’t look there.

Their marketing strategy is to get the customer to buy high-priced items. This only means more money for the shop.

Have you considered why toys, candy, and items that kids love are placed so low on the shelves? 

Kids easily find them, that’s why. They are short and if these items are placed high on the shelves, they won’t see them. 

Thus they won’t ask their parents or guardians to get them.

You might have also noticed that at the cashier checkout, there are sweets, chocolate, candy bars. 

All these things are placed strategically to entice you to shop more. Avoid the trap.

21. Walk or bike if you don’t need a personal car

Another frugal tip will be to walk, bike, or use public transportation if your life circumstance permits you to. 

If you live in the city center for example and you have all shops close by and your workplace is a walking distance too, maybe you might not need that car which you own. 

Frugal living should be flexible, always evaluate your circumstance and decide what works best for you, when making decisions about your need for a personal car or your need for other means of transportation.

I lived in the countryside for several years. A bicycle was my main source of transportation during that time. 

We had 1 car which we only used when we had to travel long distances to the city.

frugal gardening

22. Grow Food

Growing food is also another frugal living tip to adapt to your lifestyle. You do not need a big yard to start to grow. 

There are lots of plants and micro plants you can grow and they are suitable for small spaces.

 If you want to grow more food and you do not have space, you should find out about renting a small garden space in your community. 

Growing your own food will save you money and the best part, you know exactly what you are eating.

On the other hand, if you have a backyard, you can grow anything you want. 

There are good Youtube channels that teach all about gardening if you have no idea where you start from.

 I have personally planted lots of fruits and berries in my backyard and I plant vegetables every summer.

 During the winter months, I plant micro crops indoors which I use in my salads.

23. Buy and eat what’s in season

This is one tip that will greatly save you money when it comes to your grocery budget. 

During off-seasons, some food items are difficult to come by. 

Most of the ones you come by in the shops have been grown in greenhouses and it’s quite expensive to grow them.

 So when they come into the stores, their prices reflect how much resources went into growing them. 

You can avoid paying extra for these foods if you plan and buy and eat food that is in season. Look for recipes that you can make with these foods.

24. Frugal travel

I love to travel but I always make sure that I look for deals that are worth it. Traveling can get expensive if you jump on the first offer available. 

Planning and getting the right deals will help you cut down the cost of your travels. 

You should also consider staying in hostels or Airbnb´s instead of hotels as they are more economical. 

You could even couch surf if you find good hosts . Another inexpensive way to travel is to use a trailer or caravan.

During your travels too, you should be particular about places you eat and avoiding tourist areas will save you a great deal of money. 

The local prices are always cheaper than the tourist prices. There is always so much to see and experience if you mix with the locals in the country you travel to. 

Usually, the tourist packages are a little polished so as to attract more tourists. 

You get a better feel and experience more of the culture of the people when you interact with them.

25. Use reusable rugs

Disposable towels and rugs are one thing to avoid if you want to live frugally. They are in most instances a waste of money. 

Instead of using disposable towels, you should consider using towels that can be washed and reused. 

You can even cut old clothing pieces into suitable sizes and use them to clean surfaces when the need arrives. 

These can be washed and reused. You will be surprised at how much money you will save by not buying paper towels.

26. Share rent space with friends

If you happen to be living alone and the cost of the apartment is high, you should consider getting an apartment mate. 

You get someone to pay half the rent and half the utilities. 

You get company and if your apartment mate is someone who is understanding, you can plan and buy some common household items together.

 A frugal living tip to help you save on rent. You could also consider getting an apartment with several rooms with a group of friends. 

You share the rent amongst yourself. It’s economical and you will be walking away with extra money to use for other purposes.

27.Limit your use of technology

In today’s world of smartphones, tablets, and laptops, it can be really easy to get caught up in the newest gadgets and services that are available. 

The truth is that you don’t actually need all of these extras. Just pick one or two devices or services at max for your home instead of getting several. 

If you use paid services and they are similar, that’s money you could have saved. Sticking to one enables you to use the extra money for investment purposes.

How do these frugal living tips improve your financial literacy?

As a millennial, living with these frugal tips helps you save money and live a more financially literate lifestyle. 

These lifestyle changes will allow you to reduce your expenses and grow financially.

Frugality is beneficial because making changes in your spending and lifestyle habits early on in your adult years, allows you as a millennial to save money for future use such as investing or retirement. 

The key here isn’t to deprive yourself of things that are important to you, but rather live a more balanced life with a focus on not overspending money.

Living with these frugal living tips can give you the opportunity to spend more of your free time doing what you love such as traveling. 

This allows you to see new things and experience new cultures while spending money on things that are important to you.

Being able to reduce expenses and save money provides you a way out in difficult situations. 

This allows you to stay afloat during difficult financial times, instead of sinking deeper into debt.

How can I be frugal in 2021

Listed below are FAQ,S . People are asking how they can be frugal in 2021. 

These are some ways to live a frugal lifestyle in addition to the above listed examples.

frugal living tips:drink water

Drink water instead of beverages

 I cant understand why some young people never drink water these days. Water is good for you. 

You should consider drinking more water than all the other beverages available these days. 

Not only will you be saving money, but also you are nourishing your body. 

Remember that most of those beverages are sugar-filled and you only become addicted to them as you continue to consume them.

Opening the fridge

Be mindful of how many times you open the fridge in a day and how long you keep it open while you take food items from it.

Your electric bill could increase if you are leaving the fridge often open for long minutes.

Do not jump onto trends

Thanks to social media and influencers continuously advertising things for us the viewers to buy, people are spending their money on unnecessary purchases. 

If you want to save money, one frugal living tip is, you need to be careful of the amount and kind  of information you are consuming online.

 Don’t see the need to want to fit in by buying anything that trends. Living pay check to paycheck is not fun at all.

If you don’t have the money to get it, please don’t get it. When you are struggling to pay back, nobody will be there to help you pay. It could get worse if you end up in debt.

Have food ready to eat always at home

The level at which the world is advancing is good and bad at the same time. 

It’s very easy these days thanks to food delivery services to get food delivered to you at home. 

If you do not meal plan and have food at all times in your fridge, you might find yourself ordering food often. 

This is money you could have put aside for other purposes.

Is it ok to be frugal?

Yes. It is ok to be frugal. Being frugal does not mean that you are being cheap.

 Frugal living is about being intentional about how you spend your money. It’s also about how and what you decide to use the money you save for.

Sometimes getting an expensive need that will last you several years is a better option than getting the cheap option. 

That’s a better choice to make than buy cheap and have it broken and be replaced several times in a year.

 If you choose to live by frugal living tips that you find online, it’s important to remember that, there are no hard and strict rules to a frugal lifestyle. 

You are in charge and should make decisions that will financially benefit you.

 You should always know when and where to have your limit when it comes to frugal living. Some people are extreme with frugal living while others are not.

 Do you want to be the kind of person who wants to dumpster dive for food or do you want to buy only items on sale or on clearance from the shops? 

This is an example of some of the decisions you might have to make.

How do you live a simple frugal life?

If you want to live a simple frugal life, you have to know how to be content with your life.

You also have to be prepared to want to work to attain financial independence or be self-reliant.

You have to be disciplined if you choose to follow frugal living tips.
You also have to be intentional about how you use your money and time.



Frugal living might not be for everyone but if its for you, these frugal living tips will be beneficial to you. 

Remember to adjust and adopt the tips to suit you. Best of luck on your journey. 

Are there frugal living tips I did not mention which you know of ? Leave a comment below.

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