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best freelance jobs for beginners online that can be done from home

If you are wondering the best freelance jobs  for beginners, this article is for you.

Having a freelance job is a good way to generate extra income if you are a beginner looking to work online.

One thing the world has thought us recently is that, no job is permanent

Having an extra source of income is very crucial these days.

You can be your own boss by selling or providing services with the skills you have.

You can begin working for yourself online to generate extra funds.

If you are considering freelancing, well, take a moment to go through this post and you will get good recommendations and tips and hopefully you will be encouraged to start freelancing.

Every site I recommend might have its pros and cons because the world is not a perfect place but kindly consider your situation and what suits you best when deciding on which of these freelance jobs for beginners you want to pursue.

You might have a good paying job but, as an employee, you could loose the job at any time and if you have little savings or no investments , I am sorry to inform you that, you have failed yourself.

Why cant we make a percentage more by having side hustles?

Truth be told, it takes discipline to actually get that extra income and some people are not willing to take that extra action, but I am so glad you are reading this post.

You are among the few who have decided to look for ways to make that extra income and you should be proud of yourself.

I hope the recommendations resonate with you and the resources provided will help on your new journey.

I have for years, wanted to work for myself but I was scared I would fail.

Years down the line I became a mom and seeing the beautiful faces of my kids increased my desire to work for myself so I could be around them as they grew.

Then the pandemic hit and it made me even more want to work for myself.

It was a serious wake up call for me.

The stories of people around the world , losing their jobs and struggling to survive daily because of poor financial circumstances broke my heart.

I wonder why we live in a world where majority of us are surviving pay check to pay check and have so little saved for bad times.


What does it mean to be a freelancer?

A freelancer is an individual who works for herself.

A freelancer is self-employed. As a self employed person, you do not have to report your progress to anyone since you are your own boss.

You can work from anywhere in the world since most of the time the services you are providing or selling does not require you to be physically present with your clients.

A remote worker is different in the sense that, they might be employees.

Even though they can work from anywhere in the world, there usually might be a physical office located somewhere in the world and a boss to whom they report their work progress to.

What a beginner freelancer needs to know

1.Be specific about your job definition

Specifically explain in your portfolio what services you provide.

This is to avoid misunderstanding between you and your potential client.

This also helps your client to easily find you .

There are a lot of freelancers out there all looking for jobs and in order to stand out in the crowd, make yourself unique so you can be found.

2.Gradually develop your brand

I use the word gradually because, building a known brand can take some time.

Depending on how active you are as a self employed person, that can come within a short while.

As a beginner you need to build trust with your clients so they can refer your services to others.

You want to provide such good work, your clients will be super satisfied.

Having a professional website will be beneficial as this can be a place you can gather client testimonials, as well as show previous works(be careful how much you are sharing) you have done for other clients.

Its also a good place to describe perfectly and in details what services you are providing.

3.Getting the first job might not come easy if you searching in the wrong places.

No one knows you yet and you might have nothing to show for your work.

If you however want to avoid this, create a portfolio about some projects you have worked on.

If you are a photo editor for example, show the before and end results of some photos you have edited.

Your potential client will develop confidence in you because she has seen some of the previous work you did for yourself.

Pitching your freelance job requests as a beginner in the right platforms and places is also very important.

Do you want to build a professional website for your brand?

Get  a professional web name from NAMECHEAP for as little as $3,98/year  and web hosting from SITEGROUND today from $3,99 a month.

Available worldwide

4.Take only enough jobs you can handle.

You want to provide quality work.

Accepting just the right amount of jobs will enable you do just that.

As a beginner freelancer you want to create a good name for your brand.

You do not want to be over money focused that you jeopardize the quality of your work.

Also you want to consider your health. Don´t over burden yourself with too much work.

5. Follow up with the work you have done for a client.

After you work for a client be sure to check a week or so afterwards to see how the client is using and enjoying your service or product.

This will actually assist you in several ways based on the feedback you get.

The client also feels special and will never forget that you contacted her to ask about her experience.

6. How much you earn depends on a variety of things

Are you doing freelancing jobs full time or part time

The time frame required to  finish a job

What is the quality of work that you produce

What kind of clients you work with

7.In the future you might have to invest in improving your skill by taking courses . A good place to find courses online is UDEMY

Where to find clients for freelance jobs as a beginner


Facebook market places

Facebook groups

Websites such as Upwork

Types of freelance jobs for beginners.

1.Virtual assistant

As a virtual assistant, your responsibility will be to do all the other job descriptions needed by your clients to grow their company or business, that way your client can focus her energy on other aspects of the business.

I recommend taking virtual assistant training courses to prepare for this job.

You will be an assistant, your physical presence is not needed at the workplace since your job can be done from anywhere.

I recommend you read about what job descriptions are in demand in the world of virtual assisting

If you want more knowledge about what it takes to be a virtual assistant, this is a free course about being a virtual assistant


Virtual assistant

2.Social Media Manager

Social media is big today. Businesses benefit from using social media as advertisement portals.

A social media manager is an individual who controls as well as creates and posts content on social media platforms for a client (well established or growing ).

This increases engagement  as well as exposes the company to potential customers.

I recommend this job if you cant stay off social media. Why not create content and get paid for it ? This is a good freelance job for beginners.

Find jobs here

course on how to become a social media manager


A proofreader is an individual who ensures that a piece of writing is free of grammatical and typography errors.

She also checks for spelling and punctuation.

The job description is such that, she corrects all these so that reading is much more easy.

You can find jobs for proofreading here.

Your salary depends on how often you get gigs

Free proofreading course





A transcriber is a person who listens to audio files and types them to produces a text version.

If you are good at typing fast or you are a professional typist this is one job you can do on the side to generate funds.

You are also at an advantage if you are good with Microsoft office or the software programs that are used for typing

You have to create a profile on Upwork for example and wait to get notifications on job offers.

To be a transcriber and make the work easy and enjoyable, I recommend you invest in the following tools,

a good and affordable noise cancellation earpiece and a computer, a good chair with a footrest.

There are other tools too but I think the basics are what is needed as a beginner.

Check here for a free transcribe course

You can find jobs from several companies online. Here is an article I wrote with 21 different places to find jobs


There may be links to products and services recommended here which are affiliate links. I may gain a commission if you click on them at NO EXTRA COST TO YOU. Hope you find the information on this article useful. Thank you

woman, photographer, camera


Are you good at taking pictures?

You can turn this hobby into a career and generate money from it.

Bloggers, online content creators are in constant need of photos and videos for b-rolls.

You can sell to these people on Adobe stock

and earn 33% royalties. Signing up is free.

Requirements are as following

photo or video should be your´s

you should be 18 years or older

and the good part is that you still have the rights to your photos and videos that you upload.

Shutterstock is another platform you can sell your photos and videos.

Earn 20%-30% commission of any of your work that sells. They pay monthly.

They allow you to keep copyright terms to your work protected.

According to their site, they have paid over $1billion to users in 15 years.

Another site is

Alamy earn 50% of any sale.

If you are in need of a course to better your skills I recommend this free photography course

The course is free but upon completion they might demand money if you want the certificate that indicates that you enrolled and completed the course.

6.Web Site Developer

A Web site developer is lucrative freelance work. In a day and age where most businesses are carried out online, the need for website developers keeps growing. 

The two main components needed to start designing a website are name hosting and site hosting. 

You need to purchase a name and this can be done through a site called name cheap also you need to purchase a host and this can be done through siteground.

You could build blogs for people. Set up people´s e-commerce stores, basically, you help people establish their presence online.

Find website developer jobs here

7.Photo editor

For most of the beautiful pictures you see on social media, some people pay to have others edit for them. This is one thing you can do to earn extra money.

Editing photos require photo editors. There are free editors as well as paid versions.

Once you familiarize yourself with an editing program, you can advertise your service and have people pay you to edit their videos.

Here is a free editing course if you want to better your editing skills or if you are a beginner.

You can also upgrade to the paid version if you see the need to.

I recommend taking a free course first and deciding if that is something you are truly interested in before investing in other paid courses and tools to make your work more efficient.

8.WordPress expert

With the growing number of blogs and websites, lots of people are in need of WordPress experts.

WordPress is a platform that allows you to create an online blog or a website. If you are skilled with WordPress, you can offer your services at a fee.

To create a WordPress website you need to get a domain name and a domain host.

If this is something you want to study and start earning income from check out this beginner’s guide on WordPress.

online, learning, call

9.teach online as a beginner freelancer

What do you need to tutor online

a. computer

b. good internet connection

c. ear phones

d. microphone

Are you good at teaching others in various subjects. You can be a freelance tutor. This flexible job can be done online to earn extra cash.

Check out tutor me and apply to be a freelance teacher 

Earn $16 per hour.

There are requirements to meet before you are accepted to work with tutor me



You can teach Children in Asia specifically in China between ages 4 and 12 and earn $26 per hour.

Check out Magic ears from here.

Teacher requirements include

reside in the USA or Canada and have permanent citizenship and speak English.

Have a Tesol certificate. Find Tesol certifiate program in the link below

Magic ears offers free as well as paid courses to assist your new journey on teaching online .

You can check it out and decide which one you will want to enroll in.


Work is readily available, you don´t have to wait to get the job, Magic ears assigns you the jobs.


The time difference might be an issue. You will be teaching late hours because of the time difference in China and USA and Canada.

Another good website to apply to teach English online is VIPKID 

You will be teaching kids in China.

The teacher requirements include :

American or Canadian citizen who speaks English,

2 years teaching experience

4 year degree from a university

Be technology inclined

Earnings $14-$22 per hour



11.Teach English on Dadaabc

Click here to apply to Dada tutors

Requirements to teach

You can reside anywhere in the world

Have a Bachelors degree

Teachers certificate ( TEFL/ TESOL/CELTA etc.)

Documents proving that you have taught before

Documents for non criminal background check

Earn $15-$25 per hour

12.Online writer

We live in a digital world and writing is a big part of this digital world.

Did you know that you can become a writer? This is one of the best freelance beginner friendly jobs.

You can write articles for blogs, publications, magazines ( Yes you can because these days magazine subscriptions are online too)

This is a good writing course I recommend if you want to improve your writing skills.

Where to find freelance jobs for beginners

Flex Jobs

You will need to pay to view full listings of jobs.

They have 3 different plans and no matter which one you pick, you can view all the job listings.

They promise a 30 day refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services.


You can sign up for free and set up a free portfolio to showcase your skills, work experience and your rate.

Check out these other websites too





People per hour


Register with  Contently . This is a good platform for freelancers to be connected with top brands that pay well. Its free to create a portfolio.


Survey Junkie

Do you want to make some extra money?

Take surveys with SURVEY JUNKIE and get paid $3 – $7

Available in USA, Canada and Australia

Sign up here on SURVEY JUNKIE for  free

Final thoughts

Freelance jobs are a good way to bring in extra income .

You have to be willing to put in the work.

You have made a good decision as a beginner by taking the free courses I have recommended and creating your profile and signing up with the websites that provide such services.

You have to be active and check frequently the job opportunities available . That is the attitude that will bring you money as a beginner freelancer.

Don´t let others accomplishments on these sites intimidate you. They also started at point zero and worked to achieve what they have now.

Approach this with a positive attitude and you will be surprised at the results.

Comment below which of these you will be starting with or are you currently doing any of these freelance jobs?


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