Do Miracles happen today? yes, they do.

You should expect miracles from your Heavenly Father. Do miracles happen today? That’s what we will discuss in this article.

God has promised that provided that the world has not come to an end, He will continue to perform miracles. (Mormon 9:15)

Your Faith makes miracles happen

If you are expecting a miracle in your life today, the scripture above should be your answer, it should give you hope that Good still performs miracles today. 

You however have a role to perform, if the miracle is to happen in your life.

What is this role, you ask? Well, your role is to have faith in Him. Your role is to believe in Him. (John 20:31)

He has commanded that, let doubt not be your portion, because if you ask in faith, you will receive. (Mormon 9:21)

You also need to remember that, God,s time is the best, it’s perfect.  Your miracle is on its way and it will arrive at the right time. 

He turned water to wine

In John 2:1-12 Jesus was at a wedding ceremony and the wine being served got finished. 

When Jesus was informed that it was finished, He instructed the vessels to be filled with water.  It was done by a servant. 

When the servant went to serve the wedding guests, the water miraculously turned into wine.

One of the wedding guests commented that this is the finest wine he has ever had. 

What does this scripture teach you?

When you receive an instruction from the Lord, act on it immediately, and obey the instruction. 

Even if you do not understand, obey. And the reason is that Our God is all-knowing. 

The miracle you have been praying for might arrive months or days or even the very second you need it. It will arrive the moment God sees it fit for it to happen. 

You need to trust God,s timing. 

Trust in Him

The adversary wants you to doubt and question God.  But until that miracle occurs, you need to continue praying and draw closer to God through scripture study. Never give up.

The story in John 2:1-12 should assure you that, God will let it happen at the right time. 


Act based on Faith

This scripture also did not mention the servant witnessing the miracle happen. He went to pour what he thought was water to the guests.  It was wine instead that came out of the vessel. 

This is a lesson of faith. Your faith should be strong and unmoveable even when all seems lost. 

You need to remember that, the God you serve is powerful. Powerful than everything around you, powerful than the adversary.  The adversary is trying to make you doubt God. 

The adversary´s mission is to make you think you are wasting your time expecting a miracle from God. 

Jesus is powerful than the adversary

In Luke 4:33-36 we read about Jesus casting out the spirit of the unclean devil from a man in the synagogue. 

If Christ can cast out the devil, and be victorious over the devil, you as an individual should have no fear. Have no fear because Christ has won on your behalf. 

You will gain that miracle if you do not listen to the lies from the adversary and fall for them. 

You are a child of God and that makes you powerful. The adversary is powerless over you . 

The woman with the issue of Blood

I spoke about faith earlier and I will elaborate on it more. In Mark 5:25-34 we read about a woman who had the issue of blood for 12 years.  She had seen many doctors and no cure had been found. 

She heard of Jesus and she said, in verse 28, if I may touch but His clothes, I shall be whole. 

Can you just imagine the level of faith this woman had? She went ahead and touched the savior’s cloth and she was healed. 

You and I have the opportunity to talk to Jesus every second of our lives. You do not have to wait to touch Him to receive miracles.  

You however have to have strong faith in Him for miracles to occur in our lives. 

You are very capable of building faith in Jesus. You have the power to do this. 

You are powerful

Kindly take advantage of prayer and seek Jesus.  Let Him know that you believe miracles still happen today. 

You believe the miracle you are expecting will happen at the right time.  Your miracle will happen in Jesus’ name. 

Show Jesus with your everyday actions that you believe in Him.

The devil has no power

The adversary is powerless. He comes to try his luck to see if he can win you over. He comes to put doubt in your heart. 

He tricks you to think Jesus does not care about you. He distracts you with worldly pursuits.

He makes you think you can find solutions on your own. You do not need Jesus, he will tell you. You have waited for so long so this miracle and it is not happening.  

Christ wants you to come unto Him

In Matthew 14:24-31, you will read about the story of Jesus walking on the sea. 

 The disciples saw and were full of fear. 

Christ told them not to fear. 

Peter then asked Jesus to bid him come unto Him(Jesus). Peter walked on the sea to Christ but immediately the strong winds blew,  fear made him begin to sink. 

He cried to Jesus, save me and he was saved.  ” O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt”

Have no doubt

The strong wind in your life could be laziness, friends, or family members discouraging you nicely because they are afraid of you failing. 

When doubt takes over, you start to sink.  On the other hand, if your faith is strong in Jesus, you will not be moved, you will not be shaken. You will move mountains instead.  You will surprise yourself. 

Miracles will start to happen in your life. 

Are you looking for a breakthrough in your business, a good relationship, a marriage, and healing from disease?

Cast doubt out of your life and see God show you how mighty He is. 

Even when you are sinking in doubt, let Christ save you. Go back to Him in prayer cry to Him. study His word and ask Him to take the doubt away. 


I believe God is on your side. You had to read this blog post. It’s no accident you are here. God bless you. 

Do your part and wait for God to do His part. Do miracles happen today? My answer, yes, miracles happen today.

Stay blessed. 

Other miracles Jesus Christ did

Feeding the 5000 people with fish and bread- Matthew 14;13-21

Raises the daughter of Jairus – Mark 5:22-24. 35-43

Raised Lazarus from the dead- John 11:1-44

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