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Decluttr review: Is decluttr legit? Know this before you sell to decluttr

Are you looking to make some extra cash for some CD,s DVD or books you have lying around the house which you do not use anymore?

Most of us have used media items in our homes and I am guessing you might have too. 

Before online entertainment came to bless our lives, most of us bought and used CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, books

Some of you still do buy such items but for some of you, I am guessing these used media items are packed on your shelves and occupying space.

They are also collecting dust which means more work for you cleaning them.

If you are considering throwing them away, please don’t. You bought these tech items with money. 

You could sell them for some money without going through the stress of finding a buyer.

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What if I told you there are several platforms you can sell your used media and in today’s post, I will be making a decluttr review.

So gather your items and get ready to make some extra cash after you read this post and find out how to go about selling on the site called decluttr.

1. What is decluttr

Decluttr is a website, they also have an app. Decluttr buys and resells your used media or tech items.

The list of tech items they buy include
Games and game consoles
Wearables(smart watches)



Remember I mentioned earlier that, you can sell without having to go through the stress of looking for a buyer?

Well, it’s because Decluttr acts as the middle man. They look for the buyer on your behalf.

According to the Decluttr site,and several other decluttr review, decluttr has paid over $300 million to over 6 million customers worldwide.

It might interest you to know that the company has been around for more than four years and they are based in Georgia in a city called Kennesaw.

Customer complaints are usually about receiving damaged items when they buy.

For people who sell their used tech to the company, complaints are usually about receiving lower payments for the items they sold even though the initial offer agreed upon was higher.

Now lets break down the steps to follow to get money for your used tech and books

A.Get an offer for your used tech

The first step to take is to get the decluttr app, Once you have that, gather the tech items you want to sell and enter the barcodes.

The decluttr app allows you to scan the barcodes.
Decluttr gives you an instant price offer even before you ship your items to them

They make offers based on the following conditions of your tech device
Good– device works properly, no major damage, no signs or little signs of wear and tear.

Poor– device works properly, has dents and scratches

Faulty– device not working at all, damaged by water, physical damage such as cracks

If you don’t see an offer for a particular device you scanned, it means they are not accepting it.

Examples of tech items decluttr does not accept include, VHS tapes, pirated copies, vinyl, and promotional content.

B. Finalize the Sale

After you are satisfied with the offers you have gotten for decluttr, you need to finalize the transaction.

You choose how you want to be paid based on the 3 options, the site offers
Direct bank deposit

They pay a minimum of $5 and a maximum of 500 tech items per order. If you do not meet any of these requirements, you are not eligible for payment.

C. Ship your items

Another convenience with selling to Decluttr is that shipping your items to them is free

Once you accept their offer, they will mail you a welcome box. This welcome box will contain a prepaid shipping label.

All you have to do is pack the items into a box and put the shipping label on it, and send it to any UPS pick-up point.


Be sure your shipping label is visible and the barcode is not covered or obstructed from any labelings that are on the box you are using for shipping.

D. When is payment made?

When your items arrive at the company, they inspect everything and once they are satisfied, they promise to pay the next day after arrival.

They pay through Paypal, Check, Direct bank deposit or you could donate directly to a charity of your choice.

 Please be informed that even though they pay quickly, bank deposits usually take 3 business days to clear. Checks however could take about 10 business days.

3. Do you get paid the exact offer you received?

Some people who sell their tech items on decluttr usually complain of not receiving the exact money offer that was originally given them.

 I will explain why this sometimes happens.

After you have informed about the tech devices you want to sell, decluttr finalizes their offer by locking the price of your items for 28 days.

Upon receiving your items and inspecting them, should the description of your items be exactly as the original description, you receive the full payment.

However, if there are issues found after the inspection, decluttr will change their original price offer and you have 14 days to respond if you agree with the new price offer or not.

Let’s face it, every company exists because they have to make profit in their business.

Even if you don’t get the exact amount of the initial price offer they gave, you benefit because of all the time you save selling with them.


It’s convenient to sell with declutter because you save yourself the hustle of making all the listings on other websites which you choose to sell on.

You avoid the hustle of looking for buyers. You avoid the forth and back messaging with potential buyers.

You also avoid the hustle of shipping to the buyer.

You save your time for other relevant things. A lot of time goes into listing and describing items individually on websites that allow you to sell using their platform.

You have a more organized house, your surrounding greatly determines how you function. Decluttering is a great way to keep your house organized.

The best part is you make some extra money. Money you could add to your savings fund or use for other purposes.


Upon decluttr receiving your items and inspecting them, if the item does not qualify to be sold on their website, they will not return the item back to you if it’s a non tech item like books, CDs DVDs, and blu-rays.

If it’s a tech item such as a phone, they will ship it back to you for free.

5. Declutter competitors

Just as every other thing in this world has competitors, so does decluttr. Yes, there are other platforms that offer similar services like declutter.

 In this decluttr review lets take a look at some of their competitors

Here is a list of a few
Amazon electronics trade in


As much as people give negative reviews about DecluttrI have this to say.

 Provided you are honest about the condition of your tech devices or books you want to sell, you have no worries. 

You should be certain that, the offer you receive will be the exact money you will be paid.

Decluttr is one of the best platforms to sell used tech. 

You get to know even before you ship the items to them, the price, they are offering to pay for your items. 

You also get to ship to them without having to pay a single cent. What more could you ask for?

Also even though decluttr will not ship back some items that do not qualify to be sold on their site, you don’t lose much.

 After all, these were things you were not using and might have donated for free or they would have continued to sit on your shelf for years to come or found themselves in the trash.

Hope this decluttr review has helped you make an informed decision about selling with Decluttr.

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