reasons saving money is difficult for you

20 Reasons why you can’t save money

It’s no secret that many people in the world today can´t save money. 

There are a lot of financial gurus and experts out there teaching about the importance of saving money. 

For some reason, most of us struggle when it comes to saving. 

I have struggled too in the past. I am sure you are reading this article because you are also looking for a solution to the question,

“Why can´t you save money?”

After all, if you find the root of the problem, you will be a step closer to resolving it. That should be the case, right?

Do you often find yourself going out to spend all your hard-earned money after you receive a paycheck? What if I told you there was a way to save some of your money?

I will share with you the reasons why you can´t save money. Read this blog post to find out more about these various reasons.

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The 20 reasons why you can't save money

Listed below are 20 reasons. I hope once you identify the problem, you can start to work on finding a solution. Best of luck to you.

1. You spend money on convenience

The first reason why you can´t save some of your money is because you spend money on convenience. 

Just imagine, if you lived in a world where everything was free, would that change your spending habits? 

Some people are more than happy to spend their money on things like fast food and other conveniences of life because it makes life easier for them. 

Have you sometimes bought ready chopped vegetables from the grocery shop? Your reason? You think you feel too lazy to peel and chop the vegetables when you take them home.

Have you also found yourself opting for an uber ride instead of using the public bus or train just because you feel lazy? 

Well, my dear lady, these are some of the reasons why you can´t save some of your money. 

You are not making enough to spare some money on these conveniences.

2,You don't have multiple bank accounts

Not having multiple bank accounts is another one of the reasons why you can´t save  money. 

You need to  understand how important it is to split your income into different bank accounts. 

It is actually a good principle. You might think that having multiple bank accounts is inconvenient.

It is important to consider having multiple bank accounts. Why? Because it allows you to divide your money up into different categories. So when exactly should you open these accounts? 

For example, if you have an income of $1800 you can decide to split your money between three different bank accounts. Then your different categories would be for example savings, emergency, and everyday upkeep.

Speak to your bank (or if you do online banking, you can create it yourself) and have them create these additional bank accounts for you if you choose to save in different accounts in the same bank.

 If you however choose to save in different banks, be sure to find out which type of account best suits your needs so you don’t end up paying for unnecessary bank fees. 

You should consider opening
A difficult to access savings account,
Easy access account, and a
Current account.

Having these multiple bank accounts will encourage your saving habit. If the money is out of sight, it also means it’s out of mind. 

Be sure to automate monthly transfers to these accounts.

3. You waste food

The next reason why you can´t save money is because you waste food. This one may seem obvious. But its not. 

Many people do not realize how much they are wasting when it comes to food. 

It’s easy for us to throw out the leftovers in our fridge after we’ve eaten dinner. 

Its easy to toss that loaf of bread away before it goes bad because we don’t feel like eating it anymore.

However, if you think about how much money this wastes then I’m sure your eyes will be opened. 

If you have a family of four and each person wastes just one slice of bread per day that is roughly $15 in food waste every month. 

That’s a lot of money being left on the table. Try your best to be more conscious of this money-wasting mistake.

Meal planning and prepping as well as controlling the portion of food eaten by family members is a great way to avoid food waste. 

Another tip to consider is to actually make food that members of your family enjoy eating.

4. You impulse buy

Another reason why you can´t save money is that it’s too easy for you to buy things on impulse

For example, if you are at the mall and see a blouse that you like. You purchase it right away without thinking twice about it, that’s a no-no. 

Think about all the other blouses you have in your wardrobe at home. 

Do you really need to buy another blouse? Do you even have space in your wardrobe for this blouse you will be purchasing today? 

It’s too easy for us to make impulse purchases because there are a lot of stores and advertisements aimed at our weak spots.

This is what makes saving money so difficult, but I have something that can help you out with this problem: the ten-second rule. 

This rule states that before making any purchase you must wait ten seconds before reaching for your wallet.

 By doing this you will be able to stop yourself from making a purchase.  That something may seem like a great idea at the moment but is actually not worth it.

5.You believe your life will be better because of the things you buy

 You  are unable to save money because you believe that your life will be better if you buy stuff. 

You may think this sounds crazy, but there are many wealthy individuals out there that are living paycheck to paycheck. 

There is a key difference between these individuals and those who have saved their money. 

It is the fact that they thought one day they would be able to afford life’s luxuries without having to worry about it.

This is why you need a plan for your future. Because by doing this, you will realize how important it is to save your money now.
I understand that some purchases you will make are very essential. Let’s take a car for instance. 

You need it but would you be better off with a 2015 ford or you would be better off with a 2021 ford?
This is an example of a kind of question you need to ask yourself when making purchases.

The things you buy can make life comfortable. However if you are waiting for them to bring you happiness, I am sorry to inform you that they won’t. 

Even if you feel like they have brought you happiness, that would last for a very short while. True happiness comes from genuine self-love and contentment

can´t save money

6.You think it is difficult starting to save money

The next reason why you can´t save money is that you think it’s too much work for you to do. 

This one may seem ridiculous. This belief that saving your money will be hard has stopped many people including you from achieving financial goals. 

I know what you are thinking right now: “If it was easy then everyone would do it”.
You’re absolutely correct.


It takes discipline to accomplish everything in life. If you are not disciplined enough you just will not see yourself achieving some things in life.

You can start with the basics when it comes to saving. Automate payments from your main account into a separate account. 

You have to do this just once and the money gets automatically transferred without you having to think about it.

Once you have accumulated some money, you should look into investing. Get advice from your bank or from money coaches about investment opportunities. 

You want to use the money you have saved to generate more money. Having that money sitting in a bank account is not really a wise decision.

Don’t be scared of all the big terms used in the money world when it comes to saving and investing. I have simplified in the previous paragraph how you can get rid of that fear of saving money being difficult.

As you may have noticed, saving our money is not as hard as most people think it is. There are ways to make this process easier than ever before. 

All you need to do now is find out what works best for you and then you can start saving like a pro

7. You believe you deserve some items you buy

You can´t save money because you believe you deserve some items you buy. 

This can be seen very easily in the case of people who buy only brand-name items. They may think that buying these products will make them seem more important, but this is far from being true.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t purchase nice things for yourself. There are many benefits to doing so; however, it’s very important that you keep things in perspective. 

You need to remember that there are many other ways to feel better about yourself besides buying brand-name or expensive products.

8.Your living expenses are too high

Another reason why you can´t save money is that you are not living within your means. Do you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck? 

If you do, then you need to consider the kind of lifestyle and expenses you have.

 “Cut your coat according to your size” If you know you can’t afford it, don’t get it. If you have friends that are influencing you to overspend, maybe it is about time you cut them off and find better friends. 

Do you find yourself just keeping up with appearances so you fit in? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have found the reason why you can’t save money. 

It is a very expensive world we live in today. In as much as it is expensive, there are smart decisions you can take to help you save money. 

Living a frugal and minimalist lifestyle is one of the ways you can start saving money today.

9. You are not organized

The next reason why saving money is difficult for you is because you aren’t organized enough. 

If you want to achieve your financial goals then it’s very important that you get organized from the beginning.

 Otherwise, you will probably struggle along the way.

This is why I recommend that you create a budget. This is because it’s an excellent way to get organized without feeling too overwhelmed. 

If you want to save money then this can be very helpful for making sure your expenses are under control.

10. You forget to cancel subscriptions

The next reason why you struggling to save money is because you forget to cancel unnecessary expenses such as subscriptions. 

If this sounds like something that has happened in the past or is happening now, you need to be more aware of what subscriptions you sign up with. 

I have forgotten too in the past to cancel subscriptions.

 It might look like little money. Oh, it’s just €10 per month, it’s nothing. But guess what, that’s €120 a year which could have been used for something more useful.

It’s easy to forget about it because the payment is automatic. These companies usually charge directly to your credit cards. 

If you are not paying attention or you are not vigilant, guess what? You might be paying your credit card bills and not know that you are paying for something you are not even using.

You can save more of your money every month by only paying for services you actually care about using. Cancel everything else immediately.

11. You don´t earn enough

The next reason why you have trouble saving your money is that you don’t earn enough. 

This is a very common problem that can be seen in almost every country. 

The reason why this happens is that there are not enough modest paying jobs for everyone to work. 

Resulting in many people going without one.
The good news is that there are lots of opportunities online for you to make money these days.

 There are lots of articles that can guide you to look into side hustles where you can start to earn extra money. 

An example is this blog site you are reading right now.

 The world is a global village. Thanks to the internet, you can work for people and companies no matter where in the world you live.

12. You stay at a low paying job

You are unable to put money aside for yourself for future investments because you continue to stay at that job that is paying so low. 

Do you happen to find yourself there because you are too comfortable? Do you happen to still find yourself at that job because you fear change?

Being comfortable has profited no one. Pick yourself up and get yourself out of that situation. 

If you know you deserve more, go after that job that will pay you what you desire for yourself. 

Fear is just an illusion and False Evidence Appearing Real as Lisa Nichols the motivational speaker defines it.

13. You don’t have the correct money mindset

Not having the right money mindset is another reason why you can’t save money. 

A lot of people are not in the correct mindset for saving their money because they feel like it’s something that’s impossible to do.

This is completely incorrect. If you have a positive mindset towards your finances then there’s no doubt that being able to save more will be much easier than expected. 

The problem is that a lot of people don’t take the time to work on improving their mindset, which can result in them not being able to save money.

In order for you to start saving more, it’s important that you spend some time working on your mindset because this will make all the difference. 

Here are a few simple steps you can take in order to get started:

1. Act as if you already have the money that you want. This will allow your subconscious mind to tune into this reality and it won’t be long before miracles start taking place.

2. Give yourself a set amount of time each day for thinking about ways on how to save more money. If you do this, then your financial situation will definitely improve.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help because there’s no shame in it. It doesn’t matter if the problem is related to money or not; simply take action and don’t waste any more time thinking about how things should be done differently.

14. You fail to Budget

Another reason why people can´t save cash is that they fail to create a budget. A lot of people don’t see the importance of creating budgets. 

By making sure you understand where your money goes each month then there’s no doubt that saving it will become much easier.

The problem is that you don’t know where your money goes after you receive it, which results in you not knowing how to save more of it. 

If you want to achieve your financial goals then this simply isn’t an option. Instead, I recommend that you try using the 50/30/20 budget rule and see what a difference it can make to your life.

 If saving money becomes easier for you by doing something as simple as creating a budget then why wouldn’t you do it? 

Save yourself the stress and create one today because there’s nothing more valuable.

15.You don’t have financial goals

You are not able to save money because you don’t have financial goals.

 When you don’t have financial goals in life, it’s much easier to spend money on things that aren’t important. 

In other words, without a plan you are more likely to be wasteful with your income.


This is why having short term and long-term goals for your finances can help so much when saving money becomes difficult. 

This way, you will be able to see exactly where your money is going and what it’s being spent on so that you can save more of it.

If this doesn’t sound like a good idea, then here is one thing to remember.

 Remember that each time you spend money unnecessarily, there are crucial life experiences that could have been bought instead.

16.You are content with your debt

Another reason why you can’t save money is that you are comfortable with the amount of debt that you have. 

This can be very difficult to avoid if someone else has put this idea in your head, but it’s important for you not to listen to them. 

There’s no doubt about it: we need to get rid of our debt before we can start saving.
The problem is that many people in today’s society have a large amount of debt even in their old age.


 Most at times they don’t know how to get rid of it. If you want to save money then you need to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

 Instead, I recommend the following ways for reducing your monthly expenses:


– Review your monthly bills and see if there’s a way for you to reduce them. 

For example, some internet providers offer lower prices when they know that their potential customers are already locked into long-term contracts with other companies. 

Make sure you take advantage of this type of situation.


– Stop going out as much because believe it or not, this can save you a lot of money. Plan and make your own food at home. 

Use coupons whenever possible such as honey, rebates  and offerilla

The best thing about these tips is that they will allow you to gradually reduce your monthly expenses and therefore start paying off the debt that you have acquired over time.

can´t save money, here´s why

17.You treat your credit card as an income source

Another reason why you can´t save money is that you are too reliant on your credit cards. If this applies to you then it’s time for a reality check. 


You need to realize that using your plastic to pay for everything isn’t the best solution in the long term, so what should you do?

The first step is to stop using your credit card as much as possible because every time you do, it gives the illusion that you have more money than you actually do. 

If this doesn’t sound like something that will work for you, then I recommend that you carry around cash.

 If you use a credit card for a purchase, be sure to pay it off in full when the bill arrives.

If you become aware of your own faulty thinking processes early enough then you can save yourself from many unnecessary expenses in the future.

18.You think you have a low earning income

Another reason why you can´t save money is because you think that your income is too low

Do you feel as though saving money will take forever on a low earned income? 

Have you decided to wait until you get a higher-paying job before you start saving?

 It’s very important that you have a more positive mindset towards money.

No matter how much money you make, you can still save.

It’s true that having a higher earning income will make things easier for you. 

However there are still many ways to save your money with whatever amount of money you currently earn.

The first step is to start keeping track of your expenses. This can tell you where the problem areas lie in terms of spending too much money. 

If there are certain categories of expenses that you keep spending too much on then it’s important to find new ways to save money on them.


There are many different examples I could give, but the most common ones for this would be groceries and restaurant bills. 

A lot of people tend to spend more than necessary in these areas because they aren’t familiar with how to save money. 

If this is something you struggle with then it would be very beneficial for you to reduce or better still stop eating out and have a grocery budget.

If lower-income earners manage to find ways of saving their money then there’s no doubt that higher-earning individuals will too. 

All it takes is some creativity and the willingness to try new things, which are both qualities that you most likely possess if you’re reading this. 

Even if it doesn’t seem possible at first, I can assure you that with enough effort and time, saving money will become easy for you.

19. You do not invest

The next reason why you have trouble saving your money is that you don’t invest. Investing has many benefits that go beyond just making sure your savings are safe from harm.


If you want to save money then I would recommend that you start investing as soon as possible. Lots of people have started investing in recent years. 

Start investing now, this way, your savings will grow at an exponential rate, and before you know it; they will be far larger than what you expected. 

Of course, this isn’t the only reason why saving by investing can help you reach your financial goals faster, it’s just one of the many benefits that come with this process.

20. You are paying a lot on bank fees

One of the most common reasons why people can’t save money is because they pay too much in bank fees. 

These fees add up over time and cause people to lose thousands of dollars per year.

The problem here is that it’s very difficult to start saving money if you are already in debt. Which is why it’s important that you get out of this situation before moving forward.


Money is a very important resource. Having too little can result in lots of problems. The best way to have enough is to save and invest.

 If you can´t save money and don’t know the reasons why, I hope this post has given you an idea of where you fall short and solutions to this issue. 

Make the decision to start today because you don’t deserve to be struggling financially.

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