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Have you ever heard of Gourmet edible art? This business is located in the heart of Helsinki Finland, a couple is keeping the crowd talking with their new business of edible gourmet art.  

Fyge Foods is the name of this business in Finland.

I got the chance to interview Anita, the cofounder of the company

You can check the video version of the interview at the bottom of this page.

What does Fyge mean?

Fyge is a Hungarian word that means fig.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi everyone, my name is Anita and I am from Hungary. I have lived in Finland for more than 6 years. I came to Finland to study International Business. I completed university in Tampere.

I have always had the passion to pursue business.

After University I worked on project management and with entrepreneurs and this made me think about starting my own business.

As a woman, I love baking and cooking and my fiancee is always happy when I come up with something attractive every night.

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Tell us how your business Fyge foods came into existence

This whole idea came just before New Year. I wanted to impress our friends during our New Year´s party. I had never heard anything about grazing tables. When I got the idea I began to search online. 

I got excited as I saw more pictures and I told myself this is something I would love to do.

What is Fyge foods about?

Our company creates and provides gourmet edible boxes, cheese boxes, plates, and also tables for big events.

We aim to inspire people to try something new. We also combine flavors, to impress our guests.

We also educate about cheeses because the world of cheese is endless.

What motivated and inspired you to start your business?

It’s never easy to start anything but I was lucky we got so much positive feedback from the new year’s weekend party.

I created a small plate and now looking back to the plate I created it’s nothing compared to what we are doing now.

I remember when we created that plate, everybody was impressed, everyone was around the table, there were lots of laughter. 

You could feel happiness in the air. They were taking pictures and I was explaining about the cheeses on the plate.

That plate made the atmosphere lively. The plate had people telling their stories, it was the center of discussion, there was no dull moment. 

The feeling  I and my fiancee had during the party, gave us the green light and we knew we needed to share this with everyone.

It needs to be a business. We want people to remember the BEAUTIFUL food they saw and ate.

We wanted our product to not just be regular, we wanted people to have a memory as well as experience emotions after eating our food.

After the weekend New year party, we began the process of starting this business.

I was glad that my fiancee was in on the idea that very moment I suggested we make this a business.

He is my biggest supporter. We have since then woken up and gone to bed with the business Fyge in mind. 

What do you hope to accomplish?

Well, we have a lot of plans. We have a lot of selections coming up.

We wanted to have a shop and we have done that. Our business is located in the center of Helsinki Finland.

At the moment we carter domestic. We do birthdays and picnics, but our main aim is to cater to cooperations, brands, and companies, weddings, ceremonies where we can have big table displays. 

We would also want to have workshops where we will teach the art of making gourmet platters, how you can elevate a simple fruit to make it WOW, different wines and cheeses, and fruit combinations that go together.

Did you have any formal education on creating gourmet foods?

Its was a lot of testing and errors.

When the idea came to make this a business, we did a lot of research online.

We also visited our local markets and did a lot of food tasting. 

We figured out what fruits and cheese and wine and chutneys and meat combinations go well together based on what we could source locally.

I had no formal education.


You are doing something very good because you are getting such positive feedback.

As a woman with the business idea which you had and brought into reality your story is very inspirational and unique and other women should learn from your story.

When we have ideas, we should not be scared to take the action and work on the idea.

Because only when we start would we know if we are doing it right or wrong and if it will be a success or not.


We all have ideas but getting and starting that one is sometimes hard.

In my case, my fiancee and I knew we wanted to have our own business.

My fiancee came up with lots of ideas because of how business-oriented he is. 

I kept telling him the ideas were not the one.

However when we came up with grazing tables, I had a different feeling inside,  I was excited and I was running around the apartment and told my fiance that, this is it. 

Fyge is the business we should start.

It is not easy and there have been lots of challenges coupled with us being foreigners in Finland.

No business is easy and in the food industry, there are lots of procedures to go through before being approved to start commercial selling of food. 

 Nothing is easy, but it possible, you need to believe and have full passion and dedication.

Tell us about your selections at Fyge

We offer boxes,  plates, and tables for 30 and more people. The medium box is the best seller now.

We have savory boxes which include chutney, different kinds of cheese, and fresh fruits, we also have the vegan option and the sweet selection. Soon we will have the breakfast selection.

How does a typical working day look like at Fyge

Every day is different because we are in the early phase of our company.

We are working very long days.  We come to our office in the morning, we have an office and commercial kitchen space.

We start packing the orders which we have received.

We receive our food supplies from local suppliers.

After packing, we work on our social media platforms because we want our customers and potential customers to see more behind the scenes.

Where do you see your company in the next five years?

Definitely a successful company. We will have a bigger kitchen, HQ, additional employees, lots of different selections. We aim to get into the local grocery shops. We will also want a selection that we can post to some parts of Finland.

Where can we find Fyge 

Address: Malagankatu 5 Helsinki 00220 Finland

 Instagram: fygefoods

Facebook: fygefoods

Linked in: fygefoods

Pinterest: fygefoods

youtube(still in the working stages)

Website: fyge foods

What advice do you want to give anyone who wants to start a similar business in Finland?

Just do it. You need to really believe in what you are doing. You also need to be consistent. Be organized, have a book, and write down plans and “to-do lists”

It’s complex to start a business so you need to be very detailed. You need to also have some kind of support.

 It’s possible to do it alone but having a support system is very helpful. 

Have full passion and be dedicated and work every day towards growing your business.

In the beginning, you will have to do most things by yourself but ask for help when the need arises. 

There are lots of societies and companies that major in helping people start a business. You need to be open and talk about your business to everybody. YOU NEED To inform the world about who you are and what you are doing.

Getting feedback helps a lot in motivating you and that slowly moves you forward.

Thank you so much Anita for sharing your business about gourmet edible food with us. You are truly an inspiration.

If you would like to watch the video version of the interview check it out by clicking the video below.

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