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That Naate Mom is a platform created to inspire, motivate and empower moms and women, in our quest for making extra money through passive income , saving money to create wealth while treating ourselves  right.


Our mission is to help mothers and women on the journey of financial and personal wellbeing while performing several other roles in our lives. 

Motherhood comes with no manual and adding passive income to it can be sometimes very overwhelming.

By sharing tips and strategies that help, we can empower each other as mothers to make this journey beautiful.

Founded by Norkor Naate-Kivimaa, we are passionate about empowering moms and women with legitimate information, tools, and resources that will result in taking bold steps towards winning with finances and personal wellbeing

Why Join us

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Together we can encourage each other through this journey. You do not want to do it all alone and you do not have to do it alone. 

Having like-minded moms and women around you with similar goals will help make this journey a more fulfilling and satisfying one.  

About the author

Author of thatnaatemom

Hello, I am Nokor Naate-Kivimaa. I am the owner of this personal finance blog.

I am a registered nurse by profession. I have always loved finding smart ways to make and save money.

This love was born because growing up,  there were lots of wealthy people around me and I was inspired by them. 

I wanted to be financially free just like them .

I believe everyone can be comfortable financially because of the vast knowledge of information available and how easily accessible it is to us today through the internet.

I had free university education but I still struggled financially as a student.

I hoped my degree would generate the income I needed to be financially free. 

I started work and realized that I was so wrong. 

My job as a registered nurse did not give me the financial freedom I longed and hoped for. 

I did and still do a lot of saving. That helps for a while but I got to make money to be able to save it. 

I sacrificed and tried to avoid living paycheck to paycheck. It was not working as I hoped it would. 

There was a shift in my mindset about money, I have to make more if I was that passionate about saving. 

That was when this blog was born. I was doing a lot of research and I wanted to share with like-minded people all over the world who are looking for ways to make and save money.

I get very excited when I discover a new way to make extra income. 

If you are also on this journey to make and save money towards gaining financial freedom, come along with me on this journey, you will be glad you did.

I am and love......

  • I am a wife and mom of two boys.
  • I love watching youtube videos.
  • I am a child of God. 
  • I love the color green and spicy food.